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Canberra four-piece Young Monks have spent the past few years developing a unique, otherworldly sound – blending neo-psychedelic rock, atmospheric electronica, and tropical funk. It’s a concoction that will send your imagination running wild!

Young Monks have shared stages with the likes of Ocean Alley, Saskwatch, and Hands Like Houses, but now they’re ready to set off on their own Australian East Coast tour for the release of their debut album ‘Swamp Creek’ out June 28th.

We caught up with the band for some music industry advice before they hit the road!

Who was your first musical inspiration? Why? Who inspires you now?

The first time I remember being inspired by music was back listening to my folks’ music when they would play records. I remember listening to The Eagles and being blown away by the melodies and 5 piece harmonies. I grew to love this band over time and always draw inspiration from them when it comes to songwriting and vocal melodies. Their guitar work and ability to work together with their voices makes a very well oiled machine.

What advice do you have for someone who is about to set off on their first tour?

We are about to embark on our very own first tour so I can’t say for sure what advice works and what doesn’t. However, in my opinion, keeping a tight ship is important – it seems easy to get carried away on tour then things can become unorganised. Keeping everyone together and making sure we are all kept healthy to give our best performances each night will be the most important thing.

What has been one of the most defining moments in your career?

At this point in time I think the most defining moment has been to finish a full length record. It’s a huge body of work and is a time consuming project to get into. Actually being able to listen start to finish to a completed record is very rewarding.

How has your music practice changed over time? (in terms of collaboration, recording, practising/training)

We still have a similar formula that we have always kept but we’ve introduced new techniques and a better understanding of music overall. We are more cautious of how we make our recordings, being more careful and I guess more particular. We’re still all about DIY so we like to do everything ourselves, which removes the pressure from being in a studio on someone else’s time. Also keeping up consistent rehearsals so we are able to keep our skills trained.

My top business tip for new artists is…

Build up a bank of content – as much content as you can. People will be interested in your project but if you fail to provide them with consistent content then it’s easy to lose momentum. The more consistent your content, the better. Have a solid idea of how you want your audience to perceive you. Social media is where you make your brand so think of ways to make it exciting and intriguing to newcomers.

My biggest career mistake has been… What would you do differently now?

I can’t say there have been any career damaging mistakes. Every band makes small mistakes as they pave their success and I feel like they’re important to make as you learn and grow from them. Making a decision to record a song in a recording studio with a producer in my opinion was our bands biggest mistake. We threw down some serious cash to make it happen and walked away feeling like we could have done a better job from our living room. This was an experience that needed to happen as we have learnt from it and realised our strengths lie in DIY.

In my opinion, the most important issue facing the music industry is… What do you think can change that?

Venues that support acts of a smaller size. There seems to be a lack of 3-500 cap venues across Australia in particular, which puts a huge hole in the industry. It seems that corporate companies and apartment buildings are taking over the leases one by one and forcing bands out of spaces to play. These spaces are important for the growth and future of live music. We should all be getting behind smaller local bands to support it.


YOUNG MONKS are about to set off on an East Coast tour, grab tickets here!

Friday 13 July – Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane

Sunday 15 July – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

Friday 20 July – Workers Club, Melbourne

Saturday 21 July – Brighton Up, Sydney

Sunday 22 July – Rad Bar, Wollongong

Wednesday 25 July – Roundhouse Beergarden, Randwick

Friday 27 July – The Park House, Mona Vale

Saturday 28 July – Waterfront Hotel, Moruya


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