Weird & Whoa: How To Hack An Eggplant And Make Music


I realized that this bag and these clothes and the trampoline you have at home and the pencil sharpener, everything you have is made out of either a tree or a rock or something we dug out of the ground and did some process to…”

Ever seen a guy play ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ with…his lunch?
How about smashing out some drums using house plants, painting noise art with ketchup, or turning a bunch of dogs into a piano?

During a stay with the Guaymí tribe in Costa Rica, Jay Silver became inspired to harness the power of the natural world (and beyond) by watching natives transform their surroundings into useful tools. The result of Jay’s brainwave is the Makey Makey circuit kit, which operates on the principle of “smashing computers with everyday objects”. Watch the below video to see it in action.


Why does this even exist?
Because why not? The kit creates a great deal of space for for innovation in music (and other industries…and life in general). An added bonus is that it has the potential to bring more creative accessibility to people with disabilities, and those with conditions affecting their motor skills.

Where to get it
Here, or pre-order their new invention, the Makey Makey GO, here.

Musicians using this
So many already, but for a well-known example, Jurassic 5 used this at Coachella ’13 to play a set using mushrooms and eggplants.

Learn more
Visit the Makey Makey official site, especially their music videos!

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