A Week In The Life Of… Vince Giarrusso, Singer-Songwriter For UndergroundLOVERS And Lecturer In Film And Television At Swinburne University

Job Description

Besides being songwriter and singer for the underground LOVERS I work as a lecturer in film and television at Swinburne University. I manage and teach into scriptwriting and directing subjects at first year level and in third year. This means I get to meet students when they enter the course and hopefully set them up for the next three years of higher education as well as see them off at graduation. I am also in the last stages of completing a PhD on scriptwriting practice. In first semester, my teaching load is very high so I do a lot of teaching. Around the teaching, I try to fit in as much time as I can to working on the thesis which I hope to submit soon. I also have various administration duties as convener of scriptwriting and directing units as well as work on a research project I have between the Film and Television and Sociology departments here at Swinburne in collaboration with the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC).

Daily Journal

This week I had individual consults with 144 first year film and television students for their scripts. Later in the week they will hand in their scripts which I will assess, mark and give feedback. I had a meeting with the VMC about the next stage of our film production project. I worked on a document outlining a research method for assessing and generating knowledge from representations of multiculturalism in media. I also put the finishing touches on a small print run of a diary I am putting together for a study tour in June. And I did a few phone interviews for STARING AT YOU STARING AT ME as well as rehearsals at night with the underground LOVERS. Glenn and I are talking about a new underground Lovers record and starting to put together ideas on the songs and how we will record it.

Challenges and accomplishments in your week

Earlier this year I took a group of Film and Television students to Berlin for the Berlinale. My goals was to finish marking the films that they made so that was a challenge. I am also finalizing the logistics for a trip to Italy for the Biennale in July. I take students to Italy every year to study Italian film. Italian cinema, in particular the works of the neorealists, is a passion of mine and I love to be able to research and teach it. I wrote and directed a film called Mallboy which followed the ideas of neo realist filmmaking. I also found time to work on two scripts that I have been working on for a long time.

Highlights of the week

Working with young people is great fun. They have a great energy and drive which is inspiring. People that diss young generations are dickheads.

Lowlights of the week

Academic life is becoming more bureaucratic with lots of forms to be filled in. Any kind of administrative job, you know ticking boxes and meetings that go around in circles are soul crushing. I had one such meeting this week which was a downer…

Words of wisdom for people considering a job in your field

Passion for what you do is essential.

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FRIDAY MAY 19 – LEADBELLY – SYDNEY – support Wayne Connolly – SOLD OUT

SUNDAY JUNE 11 – NORTHCOTE SOCIAL CLUB (featuring two special undergroundLOVERS sets: Staring at You: Electronic versions of old and new songs & Staring at Me: Full band mayhem.

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