A Week In The Life Of… Poppy Reid, Managing Editor At Seventh Street Media

Poppy Reid

Job description

Managing Editor, Seventh Street Media. Seventh Street Media is a fast growing, nationally established music publisher. Having recently acquired Tone Deaf, The Brag and J Play and having launched The Industry Observer and Don’t Bore Us, we’re Australia’s largest music media publisher.

Weekly Journal


I spend my early mornings catching up on emails and reading music news. While I was sleeping, media, artists, labels and influencers in the US, UK and Europe have been filling their platforms with updates for me to consume. I sound like a total nerd, but this genuinely excites me – especially when the company I work for covers everything from bubblegum pop to grunge and hardcore, and everything in between. From there, the whole team is in ’Newsletterville’ preparing our daily EDMs for The Brag, Tone Deaf and The Industry Observer. We aim to make them as exciting as possible, whether that’s with an exposè on drugs in the music industry, a love letter to pop punk, an oral history of Amy Shark’s ‘Adore’, or a ‘5 reasons’ listicle explained via illustrations we drew ourselves. Once the newsletters are sent, it’s hard to describe a typical day. Today I met with a label manager at UNIFIED and a publicist for Spotify. I also hung out with Seventh Street Media’s founder and CEO Luke Girgis who always seems to help me find clarity in such a fast-paced environment. Another major part of my role is to make sure we’re creating content our respective audience’s actually want. I spend a large chunk of my Monday night analysing social, website and newsletter data to see which pieces of content resonated and why, and to work out why certain other pieces crashed and burned. Hot Tip: If Krist Novoselic from Nirvana retweets one of your stories, there’s a 100% chance it will be well received.


Seventh Street Media is relatively new (we launched in January) so we’re still putting systems and processes in place to make sure we’re operating with decade-old efficiency. Between watching my incredible team film a performance with Caitlyn Shadbolt at the office and edit on-site shoots from Groovin’ The Moo with Dillon Francis, Allday and L-FRESH THE LION, we collaboratively came up with a few ideas to make things run smoother – and learned a lot about project managing tools Podio and Trello along the way!


A meeting with a potential client about a partnership today turned into a lightbulb moment for a really engaging piece of original content. Whether we like it or not, native or advertorial content is creating new opportunities for media and brands. You may have to thank ad blockers for this statistic, but according to IAB, native is predicted to drive 74% of ad revenue by 2021. Thankfully, Seventh Street has the means to exclusively work with brands and bands who we actually believe in – because there’s no way I could write positively about an artist who was imprisoned for sexual abuse and still sleep at night (hypothetically).


All of our on-screen presenters were out of the office this week on film shoots and conducting on-camera interviews so I check in to see how they’re going. The beauty of working with independent creative people is that they’re self-starters who don’t need to be micro-managed, but it’s my job to make sure they have all the resources and support they need. Because we all work so autonomously at Seventh Street Media, we all have our own business plans to reach our goals. I check in on these today to make sure everyone’s on track. Two women in the music industry who I admire have asked me to exclusively announce their company’s expansion through The Industry Observer. I was honoured to make the announcement and felt privileged to get to write about the amazing work they do over at ArowAgency. We’re also gearing up to launch a website for Don’t Bore Us, our alt-pop music platform. I would like to have said I helped with getting the website ready today but I was out of the office for the entire afternoon meeting with a client and music publisher BMG – I’ll make up for it tomorrow.


Spirits were decidedly low in the office today as the night before we had learned of Chris Cornell’s passing. We tread as carefully as could with our coverage, deciding not to capitalise on his death with a stream of throwback videos and listicles. Our coverage did teach all of us a valuable lesson however, when we were called out on Facebook for using the term “committed suicide” we were informed we were fuelling the incorrect thinking that suicide is illegal – it’s not in Australia. We made sure to own up to our mistake, apologise and correct the error. Later in the day, our on-camera presenter, illustrator and video editor Amy Summer (is there anything she can’t do!?) created an meme video for The Brag to celebrate the anniversary of Daryl Braithwaite’s version of ‘The Horses’ taking #1 on the ARIA Chart. Currently, it’s received 691K views.


Most weekends – perhaps it’s my imposter syndrome playing up – I’ll work for a few hours. This is usually my time to write long-form or to finish that job I was procrastinating on earlier in the week. This weekend, it’s a manual for a certain aspect of my job, complete with screen shots and step-by- step processes. I reward myself with UberEATS and the documentary DIG about the curious rivalry between Anton Newcome and Courtney Taylor Taylor – well done me. My husband has a very intense corporate job, so we don’t get much downtime during the week. On weekends we try to go on dates. This weekend, it’s a long walk to our favourite breakfast spot (About Life in Rozelle) and a tour of the markets where we end up having an impromptu tea ceremony with a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

Career Highlights

When I moved to Sydney in 2010, I had one suitcase, no job and no place to live. I gained friends and a room to rent in two days, part-time work at my internship at the The Music Network in two weeks, and full-time employment in six months. This year I got to moderate a panel at APRA AMCOS for International Women’s Day. I’m constantly in awe of the incredible work women in the local industry do, and it was so exciting to chat about how and why we can do better in helping women thrive.


Before joining Seventh Street Media, I was Editor at The Music Network. I loved that job and the people I worked with, but there was a time when I had to push for my right to be considered as worthy as my male (incredibly talented) predecessor. I’ve always stood up for what I believe in, but the experience taught me that doing so in a mature, assured manner will allow you to look back on your actions with pride.

Words of Wisdom

I believe I have one of the best jobs in the world because I learned to live without a sense of entitlement. I’m not entitled to any of the gifts or opportunities I’ve been given and most of them I’ve worked my arse off to get. If you think your dream job is going to fall into your lap, you have a lot of growing to do. Do what others are not willing to do, and you’ll achieve what they could only dream of doing.

You can check out the incredible work my colleagues do at The Brag, Tone Deaf, The Industry Observer, Don’t Bore Us and J Play.

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