A Week in the Life Of….Nick Cooper, Operations and Program Manager, Music Victoria

May we present, Nick Cooper, Program and Operations Manager for Music Victoria. Outside of his Music Victoria commitments, he’s got his fingers in a lot of musical pies.  He manages indie/powerpop/soul/psych band The Hello Morning, plays keys/guitar/percussion and shares vocals in 60’s/70’s tribute band The Relatives, and plays keys and contributes backing vocals in an original Southern rock ‘n’ soul band My Dynamite. Not impressed yet? He also spins vinyl in Victoria’s finest party locales as DJ Relaxative. If not doing one of the above, he’ll be front and centre in the ‘pit, or participating in ‘running meetings’ (get in touch with him to schedule one in).

Following on from the amazing work he put into the Music Victoria membership drive (you can check out the talent-packed video he worked on here) we caught up with Nick to discuss a Week in the Life Of…..

Job description in your own words

Operations and Program Manager, Music Victoria. This includes/involves me in almost anything that may come through the MV door or require the organisation’s attention. However, in particular, I am responsible for the operational (day-to-day running) and programming (professional development, and other key events) aspects of the organisation. As a certified practicing lawyer, there are always legal matters and contracts just around the corner too. Needless to say, my job is exciting, interesting, at time challenging, and always rewarding.

Challenges and accomplishments in your week

Last minute legal advice or agreement drafting is one of my favourite, but most challenging tasks, as it takes time, careful consideration, and attention to detail. I feel accomplished when I tick a few major or long term items off the (sometimes seemingly endless) ‘to do’ list.

Highlights of the week

Seeing the best of Victoria’s live music in our amazing, world-class venues; reflecting on some amazing achievements via MV’s programs and activities; checking out great new Victorian music on MV’s Spotify playlist, and signing up new followers; going through the list of amazing music industry community members that MV has engaged with over the past year or two, in order to approach in relation to the Membership Drive; thinking about great new potential discounters for MV members in advance of the annual Membership Drive; meeting amazing new music community folk; answering questions from emerging and experienced music industry practitioners; etc., etc…

Lowlights of the week

Thinking about how nice it would be to have 10 (or more!) full time staff to help represent and advocate for the Victorian music community, and running out of time to get everything done each day…

Words of wisdom for people considering a job in your field

Always put your hand up (within reason, and the bounds of mental health, of course) if an opportunity arises to further your skills, knowledge, and networks within the music community. The keenest, most diversely skilled, and best connected music professionals will always have an advantage when an opportunity arises.

A brief daily journal

Monday – office review of weekend live music activities/gigs, review of weekly ‘to do’ list, plan and prioritise workload, meetings, events, and other activities for the week (including MV professional development workshops, and Victorian GIGS!)

Tuesday – weekly MV team and other meetings to provide overview of what we are all working on, including planning/prioritising work, as well as an important mental health check (of each other). The MV Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of each month – this ensures good governance and allows for discussion of important matters, often resulting in action items to be addressed by Directors, MV staff, and sometimes others.

Wednesday – on Wednesdays, I try to schedule in a meeting with a key Music Victoria stakeholder to ensure that we are across what our partners, and key members of and organisations within the music community, are up to, and to grow relationships.

Thursday – Thursdays can often be a scramble, and I like to 1. tick off on action items to make Friday as ‘Friday’ as it can be, and 2. remember that we are human, and appreciate ourselves (as well as look forward to lots of fun musical adventures over the weekend).

Friday – Running meetings (ask Arik Blum from MAV), deal with any urgent/last minute tasks and deadlines, check through the list of new MV members (and recently lapsed members) prepared by Memberships Parko (Al Parkinson), get ready for the weekend. YES!

Although the Music Victoria membership drive has finished, new members can still sign up all year round, and Music Victoria have lots of other great projects happening all year so head to their website to learn more and get involved!

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