A Week in the Life of… Laura Imbruglia, Project/Marketing Manager at Music Victoria


Previously known solely as a musician, the wonderful Laura Imbruglia wears many creative hats, from TV producer, to radio host, screenwriter and director. Seriously, is there anything this lady can’t do? Segments from her web series “Amateur Hour” have been seen on ABC Iview, screened at St Kilda Film Festival and included in the 2017 music documentary “Her Sound, Her Story“. Now as the Project/Marketing Manager for Music Victoria, we sat down with Laura ahead of Music Victoria’s annual membership drive (you can check out the hilarious, talent-packed video she created for it here) to learn a little about a Week in the Life Of…..

Job description in your own words
I’m the Project and Marketing Manager at Music Victoria. In addition to taking care of Marketing (social media, strategy, campaign advertisement videos), my role at MV also includes project managing The Age Music Victoria Awards (a huge publicly voted event, attracting over 70,000 votes and including 23 awards), appearing on boards and panels as a music industry specialist, leading workshops, partnership management and much more.

My role is to serve Victoria’s music community by seeking out beneficial partnerships, advising on grants and best practice, providing feedback from our sub-committees and members of the community to our board, and proudly championing Victorian music.

Challenges and accomplishments in your week
We’re always flat-chat at MV (no doubt because Victorian music is thriving) – so it’s a challenge to actually just get through the workload sometimes. It’s all enjoyable work though, so that’s a big plus!

My tasks change drastically from week to week, but my latest accomplishment has been creating our Membership Drive Video. It was really rewarding to be able to bring some of my weird creative flair into the workplace.

Highlights of the week
As the content manager for our social media channels, it’s a pleasure to share the news of the latest grant, job opportunity, program, workshop or member benefit for people involved in the Victorian music industry to access.
I’m an active musician myself, so it brings me joy to discover and share things that could make life easier for anyone in the community.

Lowlights of the week
The aforementioned lack of time to get everything done!

Words of wisdom for people considering a job in your field
If you have studied something and found that your choices are not making you happy, take solace in the fact that you don’t necessarily need to study to get into this line of work. Be passionate and active in the music scene – volunteer for community radio, go to lots of gigs, put on shows, get creative. That’s how I got the gig.

Once you get the gig, make sure you make time to stay active in the scene. Not only because you need to stay informed, but because work/life balance is important for everyone, but especially for creatively-minded people.

A brief daily journal

I usually use Mondays to schedule in social media posts, chip away at drafting our monthly newsletter and if it’s a board meeting or advisory panel meeting week – make sure everything is ready for the meeting. This usually involves circulating best practice guides we’ve been working on, asking for advice on something we’re workshopping, or providing updates on long term projects MV is tackling.

We have weekly team and one-on-one meetings on Tuesdays with Paddy (the CEO). These are hugely important so that all MV staff can keep abreast of what we each have on our plates, offer support to one another and brainstorm for whatever new program or workshop we have in the pipeline.

This Wednesday, I’ve been putting in some hours working on promo for our Membership Drive. I’m filling out Q&A’s (hi!), gathering quotes from some of our notable members and looking over the final press release we’re sending out for our Membership Drive.

We currently have an intern (Jenn) in on Thursdays so there’s a bit of coaching involved on intern days. We try and give her a mixed bag of tasks so that she can experience all that this line of work has to offer – from the tedious to the tantalising. Our interns take on anything from: drafting and scheduling social media posts, data logging and analysis of our workshops and industry awards, creating playlists for our Spotify account, prepping membership packs, updating the website and more.

Friday is an Al day, which always makes me happy. Al Parkinson looks after our Membership services and she only works 3 days/week. Al and I bicker over who’s better – Will Smith or Shaggy (it’s Shaggy), and lately we’ve been working together on our Membership Drive Prize Pack and New Discounters. Al has secured all kinds of cool stuff for us to offer members, including access to discounted gym memberships and self help classes. We love Al.

I’ve been gathering donations for the prize pack, which gets drawn at the end of the Membership Drive – anyone who signs up or renews membership during the drive goes in the draw. The prize pack is worth $8,500+ and includes studio time, legal and financial advice, gig tickets and more so I’m really hoping I win it (but I’m not going to win it cos of that whole conflict of interest thing).

The Music Victoria membership drive will be running from 19-29 March 2018, with the fantastic prizes being drawn on April 17. Head here to find out more and show your support!

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