A Week In The Life Of… Grace Pashley, Station Manager at 4ZZZ

Grace Pashley on Music industry inside out

Our last but not least Week In The Life Of for the year, featuring… Grace Pashley! Grace has recently stepped into the Station Manager role at 4ZZZ, however, she has been a part of this legendary Brisbane based station for a number of years already. Her extensive history with the station includes roles as a music and news intern, presenter of The Amplifier (which she also launched) and 4ZZZ Off Air, as well as Digital Content Co-coordinator. Managing the epicness of 4ZZZ is no easy task so we know she must be pretty special! Thanks for your time Grace. Read her multitasking, station managing, digital savviness skillz in action below.

This is a Week In The Life Of Grace Pashley…

Job Description

I make sure the 200+ announcers and volunteers who actually make up what you would recognize as 4ZZZ have access to the resources they need to do their thing. I do a lot of spreading the good word of community radio but this is just a reflex.

Weekly Journal


Mondays are usually pretty huge, it’s one of two days where most coordinators work from the station so there’s a lot of catching up and planning to do. We only have a handful of paid staff, and only two of us are full time (myself and the Sponsorship Manager) so coordination can be a bit tricky. We held our AGM for 2017 tonight, with staff, the 4ZZZ board and a heap of subscribers getting together to hear about what’s been going on at the station for the last 12 months. Meeting subscribers and listeners is probably one of my favourite things about the job so that was pretty cool! And the catering included donuts which ruled!!! I got to tune into our industrial music show Dark Essence on the drive home too which was awesome cuz I’m not usually up that late, but the show itself has been running for over a decade and the announcers (like everyone you hear on 4ZZZ) are incredibly passionate about their scene.


At the moment our Sponsorship Manager is on a well deserved holiday, so I’m doing his role as well as my day to day. It’s been challenging but also fun talking with bands, touring companies, local businesses and other community organizations about events they want to promote and figuring out how to make it work for our audience. We have a really great bunch of volunteer producers who make some really excellent spots (which is community radio language for commercials) so hearing what they come up with is always awesome. Every Tuesday the show Cheap Thrillzzz ends by playing the Sia track of the same name. I get a kick out of it every week but I’m going to see Sia on Saturday so I sang along extra loud. This has not much to do with my job as Station Manager but it was a good moment worth diarising.


Wednesday is always another biggie around the station. It is one of two days that our Tech Manager works from the building and we have usually accumulated about 65498461 tech issues for him to deal with in one day, we are pretty lucky he has the patience of an angel and a good old-fashioned community radio knack for problem solving. Today we talked about how we are going to integrate our annual Hot 100 countdown into the new website, we’re looking to launch the redeveloped site in time for the countdown on Jan 1 so it should be looking pretty dang nice for everyone to follow along with us if you can’t make it to the outside broadcast at The Triffid! I had to leave early today to go to an appointment, and while I was driving I got to listen to my old show The Amplifier which was a trip. The announcers were playing a pretty hilarious game that involved a very detailed depiction of Wolverine, I forget the rest of it because at one point the announcer did a wolf-to-human howl on air which made me laugh a lot and definitely not something you’re going to hear anywhere else.


Today I worked with our Digital Content Coordinator on strategies to promote our current campaigns (Hot 100, Building Blitz, online merch cart launch) and different video content we can develop. This was my role before I became the Station Manager, so online is definitely a priority of mine in terms or promoting events and making sure the hundreds of hours of original programming our announcers produce across 102.1fm and Zed Digital is accessible on the internet. I also ate the leftover donuts from the AGM which was a highlight.


I’m actually taking today off to go to Sydney (to see Sia). Completely independent of my role at zed but equally as awesome, I would have loved to visit some stations in Sydney like FBI, 2SER, Koori Radio and Eastside Radio as well as all of the legends at the CBAA but I won’t get time! Even though I didn’t go into the station today I still answered emails from afar. Fridays are usually pretty quiet around the station, which is excellent because I get to catch up on all of the stuff that has evaded me throughout the week, and it’s also a good chance to listen to what’s happening on air. I can usually catch a bit of long-running punk/indie breakfast show this! before tuning in for stacks of interviews and cultural programming by the veterans on Friday Neon. I make sure I catch at least one story on Paradigm Shift over lunch, they form part of our midday current affairs programming (we like our lunch breaks to be educational too). Friday afternoons are 3 solid hours programmed by some of the most knowledgeable and passionate announcers out there on Unnecessary Knowledge, followed by the inimitable Frog & Peach in drive time. I usually head off around this time but Friday is always a party at the station with the Chart Show (like the charts but good), Electric Crush (the wildest dance music you’ll find anywhere on a Friday night) and Wrong Side of the Trackzzz (come for the music, stay for the hilarious stream of consciousness announcing style) rounding the night out.

Challenges and Accomplishments

Challenge was making sure our sponsorship department was running smoothly alongside the other day to day things, accomplishment was definitely launching our online merch cart! We’ve been working on this for a while and now it’s live so we have officially entered THE FUTURE !

Highlights of the week

Always the people and their shows. Listening to a really eclectic group of announcers program their favourite music every week is honestly the best thing ever.

Lowlights of the week

Never enough time in the day!

Words of wisdom

Just get involved with community radio. Paid gigs are few and far between in this industry but community radio by far has always had the agility to be ahead of the curve in terms of our music and our politics because we are constantly responding to the communities we are built on. 4ZZZ has been volunteer run going on 42 years, which speaks to how rewarding the work itself is, just get involved and you’ll get it!

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