A Week In The Life Of… Danny Harley, Songwriter and Producer for The Kite String Tangle

Triple threat producer, vocalist and songwriter Danny Harley AKA The Kite String Tangle first made waves with his single ‘Given The Chance’, a track that reached Gold status in Australia, ‘Arcadia’, ‘Stone Cold’ and ‘What If’ followed; tracks that by now – are ubiquitous to the Australian music landscape. Alongside sold-out national headline shows, celebrated festival appearances including Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival and Groovin the Moo, Harley’s music landed him in the Top 20 of both the 2013 & 2014 triple j Hottest 100’s.

Releasing his self-titled debut album last month to the world, Harley has already played a set at Splendour in the Grass in support of the release and will be kicking off a national tour in October. We chatted to Danny about what a typical week for him looks like ahead of his debut album release.

What does your week look like in terms of what you have to accomplish? 

This week has been a pretty good one, I flew from Brisbane to Sydney on Sunday night because we had a full day of press, interviews and photo shoots, Tuesday and Wednesday we did writing sessions with Kilter, Thursday I had some meetings with my management and label reps and Friday is all media and promotions again. It’s been a busy week, I love it.

What Industry events have you attended recently? 

I go to BIGSOUND every year since it’s in Brisbane and I’m from Brisbane and I think it’s the best industry event in the southern hemisphere. I’m doing Little BIGSOUND as well! Those things are really cool.

Who do you liaise with? (Artists and industry folk)

The most common ones for me are meetings with management so then they can take that workload away from me and liaise with the rest of the team. Also had meetings with the label people from UNFD who I have a label collaboration with and we try to do these weekly. At festivals and industry events ,I liaise with all sorts of people, I’ll catch up with artists that I haven’t met yet, promoters and industry people. It’s a big industry but a lot of people still know each other, so catching up with people and meeting people you haven’t met before is really important, so it’s a big hang out.

What gigs have you attended recently? 

I went and saw Kilter when he came to Brisbane last week, I’m seeing Golden Vessel tonight, he’s playing the same night as Tora but they’re both playing on the same night.

What goals did you accomplish this week?

Definitely a lot of the press stuff that has been looming for a while with the album coming out, I sorta like doing press but with an album coming out there’s a lot of it to do. Usually, my goals are to finish whatever pressing music things I need to finish, that’s the number one priority in my week, because it’s the only thing that I can do that no one else in the team can do for me.

Do you find it hard to stay creative when you’re in the midst of all this heavy workload and press? It comes and goes, I don’t think it detracts as much for me if I’m doing a lot of emailing and stuff, creativity is just a fleeting thing, I just try and be in the studio as much as possible so if it does rear it’s head, I’m ready.

What was the most challenging part of your week?

Definitely the press, not that it was challenging but it’s not my most natural environment.

What were the highlights of your week?

Probably, the session I did in the middle of the week was really cool, it’s always exciting when you’re writing a song and you start with nothing and end with a demo, that feeling is always pretty amazing.

What would be your words of wisdom for someone who is considering a full-time job as a touring musician? 

Don’t over saturate your home market, tour as cheaply as possible for as long as possible while you’re still doing smaller gigs. Try to do other cities and meet as many promotors as possible. Whoever is putting on the gig, try and actively meet them as well as the fans, because they’re really pivotal in making opportunities pop up for you.


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