Week in the Life Of…Dani Rizk, DJ, PBS Radio Broadcaster and Event Curator

Melbourne-based DJ, event curator and radio presenter, MzRizk, is renowned for her ongoing contributions to Melbourne’s rich cultural and music landscape.  As one of Melbourne’s busiest DJs, MzRizk has supported Australian acts such as Remi and Hiatus Kaiyote; as well as international artists Badbadnotgood, Mos Def, Public Enemy and many more.

MzRizk has performed at Glastonbury Festival in the UK, Womadelaide, International Soul Summit (Atlanta, US), Groovin’ The Moo nationally, Darwin Festival and numerous other events across Australia and internationally. MzRizk has also DJ’d for Sampa the Great at Women of the World Festivals and for the Red Bull Sound Select at Splendour In The Grass 2017

MzRizk currently produces and hosts Boogie Beat Suite Radio on PBS 106.7 FM every Tuesday from 11am. The team at PBS are asking the community to get behind the station and take part in the membership drive. With such great perks, networking opportunities and musical goodness, why wouldn’t you?

With the opportunity to bring together Melbourne’s music-loving communities through DJ slots, workshops, venue residencies, festivals, artist support and special events, MzRizk always delivers the hip hop, jazz, soul, funk, disco and global music goodness. She continues to play a pivotal role in connecting music-loving folks across Australia and abroad, so naturally we had to sit down with her for a Week in the Life Of…

Job description in your own words

I am a DJ, Radio Broadcaster on PBS and an event curator.


Challenges and accomplishments in your week

Challenges include artists not getting back to me about gigs, not finding time to finish all the important social media and website updates, trying to find time to be social with friends and family out of the bars and clubs I work in. Accomplishments include getting enough sleep and securing more gigs. This job is a constant hustle and can be exhausting, but I love it.


Highlights of the week

Every time I play out is a highlight. I have so many amazing gigs and I am always excited about sharing new tunes with eager dancefloors. Discovering new music is always a highlight, I get so excited about new music and new old music.


Lowlights of the week

Not having enough time to start on the 1000 projects I want to start and feeling sad about all the music I have not discovered yet… I just have to keep diggin’… I also had a not great meal, which upset me. I only like consuming delicious calories.


Words of wisdom for people considering a job in your field

Practice and patience is necessary to work in music. The industry has so many layers and they aren’t always positive. I love playing music and presenting my radio show so much that it doesn’t feel like I am working and the negative situations become easier to manage.  Go out and see DJs that inspire you, jump online and find out when the next radio course is happening at one of our many community stations, throw a party with friends… Just get into it and don’t let people convince you any different, tread your own path.


A brief daily journal   

Monday – This is our day of “rest”… I make myself a breakfast of greens  – smashed avo with goat fetta, baby spinach, cucumber and fried eggs. I check and respond to emails, go to the gym and then prep for my radio show the next morning. That takes a few hours of music selection, research and theming. Watch a movie until I fall asleep…


Tuesday – 8am – Get up, make breakfast & get ready to start my day… 10am – Meeting for a potential collaborative project, 11am – Present my radio show Boogie Beat Suite on PBS, my guest is Grace Dlabik from Be.Collective, 1pm – Radio show ends and I have lunch and prep for my next meeting. 3pm – Meeting at one of the venues I run events at, it goes splendidly. 4pm – Friend from the UK is visiting so we have a drink and a catch up. 5.30pm – Photo shoot at Horse Bazaar. 6.30pm – Dinner. 7pm – 9pm – DJ Set at Horse Bazaar for Massage and Dumplings then drive my bestie home. Pass out on her couch, wake up at 1.30am and drive my booty to Club Mattress…


Wednesday  – 9am – Get up, make breakfast & get ready to start my day… Grab my DJ Controller and drive over to the city. 11.30am –  DJ the Bust a Groove dance competition until 1.30pm, have lunch with Grace and have a meeting about our upcoming collaborative event in June at Section8, Grace leaves and I continue working until one of my good friends who is visiting from the UK meets with me and we go to The Hummingbird venue launch which starts at 6pm. The room, the food and the performances were immaculate. I DJ until 10.30pm and head to Club Mattress…


Thursday  – Decide I need a lazy morning… stay in bed until 11amish… Make myself brunch, do some admin and then head to Phoenix Youth Centre to run a DJ workshop for the Sound School for a 4pm start. Finish the workshop and head to the city for some dinner before my set at Ferdydurke. I have a weekly residency at Ferdydurke called Gallery, which provides space for upcoming artists to perform and I DJ before and after… Wrap up at 1am and head to the Club… Mattress….


Friday – Sleep in, do some admin after I make myself some food. Go to the gym and ten get ready for dinner with friends. Dinner was delicious and then I DJ’d at the Green Man’s Arms, stunning space, disco until midnight. Had a knock off whiskey then straight to Club Mattress…

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