A Week in the Life Of…Al Parkinson, Membership Coordinator at Music Victoria

What can we say, except that the music industry is one full of multi-talented women. Meet Al Parkinson, chiefly the Membership Coordinator at Music Victoria, but we promise that’s not all she does.

Al surrounds herself with as much music-related business as possible and has worn a number of hats in the Melbourne music community. She performs her own music regularly, has curated boutique events such as Sofar Sounds, worked in community radio, tour managed and mentored for The Push. As well as working at Music Victoria 3 days a week , she is Assistant Manager at Applejack Music (The Teskey Brothers) and is an on-the-side photographer.  We’re pretty sure that somewhere in amongst all that there is some sleep but we can’t be sure.
e managed to squeeze into her busy schedule ahead of Music Victoria’s annual membership drive to learn a little about a Week in the Life Of…..

Job description in your own words

I’m the Office & Memberships Coordinator but it’s probably a bit broader than that. I look after the all of the membership enquiries, sign up new members and continue to develop and increase the benefits and discounts we offer. I help with preparation for a lot of the events we run (The Age Music Victoria Awards, The Vic Music Crawl, Professional Development Workshops etc), I coordinate our amazing interns, I represent Music Victoria at working group meetings and events around Melbourne. I work very closely with Laura our Project/Marketing Manager and assist with her endless list of tasks and I am also so proud to be the Secretary of Music Victoria’s Women’s Advisory Panel.

Challenges and accomplishments in your week

I try to celebrate the accomplishments and not dwell on the challenges too much, just have a “get it done” attitude. A challenge this week is tying up everything for The Music Victoria Membership Drive as it’s next week ! ! ! Also trying to work out the time difference between Australia and the USA as The Teskey Brothers are touring there (this never seems to get any easier).

Highlights of the week

If you follow the Music Victoria Spotify, you might be surprised at the range of music we play in the office. Sometimes (more than) it’s 90’s classics which is great but the contrast between people trying to make deadlines and this kind of music blaring is just too funny. So, my highlight is making instagram stories of Laura Imbruglia working hard to loud cheesy (sometimes inappropriate?) music.

But seriously, a thought I often have is, “I get to talk about music pretty much all day every day” – that there is a huge highlight for me.

Lowlights of the week

I suppose one thing you’ll never get in this industry is more time. There’s always a new idea, a project, an email to reply to and something that needs to be done now now now now. I’ve learnt to relax in this a bit more but the dream of having an extra day a week definitely pops up frequently.

Words of wisdom for people considering a job in your field

Be a part of your community. Get out there and meet people, go to gigs – and go to gigs you might not usually go to. Discover and support the music industry and the people in it. It will never stop moving and we will never stop learning.  Oh, aaaaaand become a member of Music Victoria 😉


A brief daily journal


Mondays and Wednesdays are Teskey Brothers days so I work from home. I went for a little walk around Brunswick first thing in the morning – makes me feel less bad for only walking the distance from my bed to my desk for the first half of the day. Coffee at Carolina’s (what a dreamy place).
I find I work better if someone else is around so my friend Loni came over and we had a little working date. I spent most of my day on logistics for the rest of their US tour, organising a photoshoot, preparing for upcoming announcements etc.
I don’t really “go home” from work on Mondays because… I already am home but I always get myself out of the house when I feel like I’ve “finished” for the day.


First day of the week in the office at Music Vic and there’s always things to catch up on and a great big bunch of enquiries from members to attend to. We have a team meeting in the morning and at the moment we’re really focused on getting ready for The Membership Drive (19th-29th March). I have been working to increase our benefits and discounts for our members (pretty excited about them too, tbh!). It’s so exciting going into an event like this, one that supports COMMUNITY and ours is so strong. Laura Imbruglia our Project/Marketing Manager wrote and created the video for The Drive which packages what we do at MV perfectly. We really wanted to get the benefits of being a member across to our current members and the wider industry and provide a better understanding of what we do and I really think we’ve done that.
Tuesday night I rehearsed at The Bakehouse with my friend Francesca Gonzales doing BV’s for her single launch – I love singing and I love singing her amazing songs. Her band is also KILLER.


Teskey Day again! So – walkies/coffee.  

Usually I’ll have a chat to Jeremy (The Teskey’s Manager) in the morning, he gives me a quick update and then we make a list of priority items that need to be ACTIONED (I believe that’s the professional term for “this needs to be done right now”) but this week the band and Jez were at SXSW so I just worked on tour things and worked through our master list of tasks. I was working a bit also on new designs for the bands merch which is just way too much fun.

I’ve been working with the Teskey Brothers for about a year now on and off tour managing and logistics but have just recently come on board part-time. I’m so happy to be a part of this team and am learning a lot very quickly.

Wednesday night my sister came over for dinner and we had delicious Indian from Singh’s. I then watched ‘Toast of London’ which I have recently discovered and I laughed a lot for a few hours by myself.


I had a meeting with OpenLIVE who I’d heard of but didn’t know too much about – I am SO glad I got to sit down with them. They have installed recording units into a number of venues around Aus so bands can “book in” recordings of their live sets. Every single artist should be using this and every venue should be installing the unit. From working on a live set to releasing live songs, it is such an incredible tool and for venues, it’s a huge service and benefit they can offer to musicians with very little leg work. It’s cheap, extremely user friendly and accessible. The team are an absolute pleasure to deal with. It sounds too good to be true but it actually is. They’ve just come on board as a discounter for artists (10% off recordings) and thrown in for the venue prize pack – a unit fully installed into a venue! I was buzzing after this meeting.

Thursday night I performed with Francesca at The Evelyn – it was packed with so much love in the room for the incredible artist that she is. SO FUN.


Friday was a late one at Music Vic! It was down to the line with locking in of things and making sure everything was in order for The Membership Drive. Our interns Carolina and Jenn were a huge help this week – we are so grateful for our Interns time and the amazing work they produce. They really do help an organisation like us so much.  

I had a bit of trouble with the website which meant I was at work pretty late but then I jumped in the car and headed straight to The Northcote Social Club to see Timberwolf, Slow Dancer and Baby Blue play. That was an AMAZING gig. Also Laura Imbruglia (Music Vic) was DJing in the front bar so every corner of The Social Club had great things going on in it.  

What an absolute powerhouse of a lady, right? You can get behind all things Music Victoria and participate in the membership drive running from 19-29 March by signing up here. With great events, resources and some pretty sweet industry perks at your fingertips, what are you waiting for?

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