Week In the Life Of… Samuel K Sproull – Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Producer & Artist

Samuel Sproull
Even if you haven’t heard of Samuel K Sproull himself, chances are you have heard some of his finest work on your favourite tunes.  The Melbourne-based producer, mixer and engineer is credited with helping craft tracks for Japanese Wallpaper, Eliza & the Delusionals, Montogomery, Towns and plenty more. Sproull’s numerous years in the music industry have also seen him work alongside producers such as Jaz Coleman, Rich Costey, Jimi Maroudas, Steven Schram and Tom Larkin.
This year has seen Sproull step into the spotlight with fellow muso Matthew Wright (frontman for The Getaway Plan) as they launch their new music project, Harves. Formulated during Melbourne’s strict lockdown, the duo’s recently released their new single ‘The River’ with the promise of more material to come in 2021. 
Samuel was so kind as to take us through a week in his life as a multi-faceted music professional so keep on reading below!
A job description in your own words
Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Producer & Artist
A brief daily journal over a week: 

Take my pills, drink my coffee, open my emails and chat apps. A regular and friend of mine, Gab Strum (aka Japanese Wallpaper) has sent through a couple of things to mix. One is a HAUX remix, and the other is a new George Alice track. Remix up first – Gab and I generally try and smash through the mix and revisions in one sitting so that’s my day sorted.

Our new Harves track is premiering tomorrow so I’ll be focussing on that with Matt. We’ve also got a couple of interviews and other bits and pieces to get through, like this!

Keeping an eye on the Harves premiere while mixing George Alice. This mix is coming together quickly – the song and production are awesome and dictate the mix direction. I love working on stuff like this.

Today is all about Peachnoise – another regular of mine. While what I’m doing for them is technically mixing, they’ve always encouraged me to go wherever I want with it creatively, so sometimes the role is also production and songwriting. It’s pretty extreme music with a Pop aesthetic and I love it.

Harves new track is officially out today. I’m just going to keep an eye on that and play Demon’s Souls all day.

Thankfully got through most of what I had to do this week so just going back and tidying up some leftover revisions. Restrictions have started to ease up here in Melbourne so we’ve got friends over for drinks tonight.

Wow, my girlfriend pours a strong Aperol Spritz. More Demons’ Souls today before jumping back into it all tomorrow.
Challenges and accomplishments in your week
I’ve just come out of a big creative burst writing for Harves so the biggest challenge this week was readjusting into work mode while sitting at the same
desk. All my clients this week seem super happy with the work I’ve done so I’d call that an accomplishment, on top of releasing a new song with Harves that I really love.
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Highlights of the week (pros of the job)
This new George Alice track rocks – wish I could say more!
Lowlights of the week (cons of the job)
Most days, at some stage, there’s a reminder of the constant mental health journey I’ve been on forever. I’m more equipped to deal with it now but it’s always there.
Words of wisdom for people considering a job in your field
Listen to your heart. Mix as much as you can. Protect your hearing.

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