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For this week’s Week in The Life Of we’re joined by presenter and producer of The Green Room podcast and online editor for theMusic.com.au, Neil Griffiths. Neil has interviewed some of the biggest names in music, film and comedy from all over the globe. To say Neil is passionate about podcasts would be an understatement. When he isn’t working on The Green Room and theMusic.com.au, he’s working on other podcasts like The Take with Willie Mason and the Handshake’s Agency That Sucks. Over to you Neil!

A job description in your own words 

In a sentence, my job as the presenter and producer of The Green Room podcast is simple – book the guests, produce the episodes… and host the thing! I’m also lucky enough to work with some other shows and presenters on the Handshake Agency network, but outside of the podcast world, I’m an online editor for theMusic.com.au which means writing everything from breaking news stories, tour announces, opinion pieces, reviews, features and more.   

A brief daily journal over a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) 

This is a near impossible question, but I will give it a go and I will try not to offend anyone.


On the podcast front, this can be everything from mapping out episodes weeks, sometimes even months, in advance, but most of all making sure this week’s release is sorted. That could be having to record ahead of a Friday release or, if we’re well on top of things, making sure the episode is ready to go from editing to social media assets to YouTube footage and everything in between. 


On weeks where we are recording the same week for Friday’s release, we aim to record on a Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest, so we have plenty of time to have everything ready for release. When we’re ahead of time, I could be looking to book more guests by seeing who’s doing the rounds; tour announces, film and album releases, comedy shows etc. The quicker I can fill the calendar, the better! 


Wednesday’s usually mean I can listen to one or more episodes in full. Ensure they’re top and tailed with intros, outros, relevant plugs and pinpoint certain points that could make great news for theMusic.com.au (let the record show Metallica announcing their new album happened first on the podcast, as did Corey Taylor confirming Stone Sour they are on indefinite hiatus – I don’t like to brag, I swear). I also get to check out Handshake’s That Sucks! podcast and provide feedback before it goes live that day.


Pending we are all sorted for Friday’s release, I get to assist with some other shows on the Handshake network which is always fun to work on some other shows. Otherwise, it’s full speed ahead for a Friday morning The Green Room release. Thursday’s are also spent getting the latest episode of The Take with Willie Mason podcast out into the world which deals with all things rugby league, so thankfully I’m getting my sport fix in during the week!


Release day! Episodes usually go live early in the morning and then we hustle to get the episode out into the world via socials and YouTube etc. There is a reason Friday is the best day of the week, you know?  

Challenges and accomplishments in your week 

Sometimes the challenge can simply be finding the time to record with the amount of requests coming in! But mapping out release schedules can always be a little tricky (especially when we have a few in the week) but the accomplishment is always getting the episodes out there and hearing feedback. I can think of nothing better to help insecurity then being blatantly judged by peers and strangers. It’s great. So great… 

Highlights of the week (pros of the job) 

Easy – recording the podcast! I love hosting, presenting and I love sitting down and talking to some of my personal favourite names in music, film and TV like Mark Hoppus, Bill Burr and Tim Minchin… one time, Jamie Lee Curtis gave me a round of applause. I need to get that on a shirt.  

Lowlights of the week (cons of the job) 

There aren’t really lowlights in this gig, other than the simple reality that sometimes the interviews you’ve planned or hoped to get fall through. It’s no one’s fault, sometimes these things happen. Schedules changes, plans are moved. It’s a bummer but the idea is if you keep at it, there’ll be another opportunity down the line. 

Words of wisdom for people considering a job in your field 

Be sure of what it is that you are wanting to do and achieve and back yourself! I’ve seen it happen quite a lot (myself included) where you think ‘Oh yeah, I think I’d like to do that’ and then when you get yourself into it, it’s not at all what you wanted to do. If you take the time to set out your goals and be sure of yourself, you’ll be so much more relentless in achieving them. 

You can listen toThe Green Room on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. New podcasts are released weekly!

Neil Griffiths with Matty Healy from The 1975

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