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Guess who’s back with a brand new track?! We’ll give you a clue, it’s electropop duo Boo Seeka. The boys are back and have teamed up with indie electronic duo Golding on their new track, Don’t Waste Your Love. While the song oozes dancefloor anthem vibes, the lyrics are thought-provoking and raw. If that wasn’t enough, the music video leaves the audience with a powerful message of don’t be fooled by your own fear. The new single comes as Boo Seeka work on their highly anticipated second album.

We were lucky enough to have one half of Boo Seeka, Mikey join us this week to share what a Week in the Life Of looks like for the boys. Take it away Mikey!

A job description in your own words

Ben and I are incredibly fortunate to be full-time music creators and performers. With the help of our amazing team we write, produce, story tell and perform our own original music. It’s quite amazing in today’s world that we get to wake up every day and just do music. From both working in a juice shop as teens to now be able to bring what’s in our heads to a wider audience still gets us punching ourselves daily.

A brief daily journal over a week


We’ve both just recently moved to another state to be closer to our producer and label so Mondays are our meeting days. Wins and losses from the week, recap on what’s to come and a general catch up. During COVID-19 these were all zoom catch ups, but we’ve been having some fun brekky and dinner catch ups recently which start our week amazingly.

Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday:

Being in the middle of writing album two, our main focus is being in the studio, so we lock in for 9, 10, 11 hours most weekdays fleshing out and creating new ideas. We work with our amazing producer, Matt Bartlem, and have several musicians we work with too. This last week, for example, we had a 6-piece string ensemble that we had in for 3 days topping up some of our tracks. Beers, a lot of fun and some talented musicians. Most nights we like to catch up with our close friends and find some of the hidden food spots in town!


We’ve been staying busy through COVID-19 so we usually have a gig Friday! Airports, Ubers, picking on our sound guy – Eamon. We also like to keep Fridays as our ‘content days’. Any photoshoots or interviews or general online upkeep happens on Fridays.


Again, usually we have shows but if not we’re jumping in the surf, having too many beers at lunch or heading out for a boogie to any local acts. We also have a good friend who owns several restaurants and bars up here so we frequent those a lot.

Challenges and accomplishments in your week

A recent goal we’ve set is to write, record and mix a song a week. Sometimes this works and we’re always stoked but there are other times the week almost seems like a waste. You’d be amazed at how many songs we’re sitting on and which ones hit the ‘try again’ pile. It’s quite eye-opening reading these answers back but we’re actually in a really good groove with where we’re at these days. We’ve locked in an amazing team (Shout out to Tom and Cohen from Untitled, Our Disrupt team and all the creatives we have on all projects), the music is flowing, we have a beautiful house near the ocean and we love what we do.

Highlights of the week (pros of the job)

Touched on it previously but we get to wake up and do what we love!  To circle around on something left of field though – we both bought little 50cc mopeds last week and have been riding them to and from the studio each day. The ride home next to each other, holding traffic up on the highway home is always something we smile about.

Lowlights of the week (cons of the job)

Not a lowlight as such, more a “this comes with your job decision”, but your mental health can take a beating sometimes. Everything is magnified so if you’re not feeling your best or not producing the goods, it seems to take its toll. It’s the same as any role though, work and life is about growing so finding what helps, what works, what soothes you is vital! We don’t get to see our family and hometown friends as much as we’d like either, so the plan is to schedule visits in throughout each year to get a mum hug or some extra cash off dad.

 Words of wisdom for people considering a job in your field

Don’t write or play music with the ambition to become ‘famous’ or ‘noticed’. Write music because you love music. Not just relating to our job field but in general life, your goal should be to be the best person you can be and LOVE what you create or do. Be nice and work hard.

You can check out their new music video for Don’t Waste Your Love here.

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