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Busy, busy, busy! Although the music industry has been hit hard from the pandemic, the team at GYROstream are still working hard to get everything done for their artists. Last week, we had a chat with Andy Irvine, a digital music distributor for GYROstream, where he happens to be the general manager and CEO. Before GYROstream, Andy worked for companies such as Universal Music and Dew Process as a digital release and production manager.

Graduating from the University of Queensland in 2000, Andy has 20 years experience in the music industry, which is why we are so excited to share his words and insights in this interview.

Your job description in your own words:

I am the CEO and Co-founder of digital distribution and artist services company GYROstream. GYRO stands for Get Your Record Out. We help independent artists release their music globally on all the major streaming and download platforms. As CEO my job is quite all encompassing, trying to stay across the day to day customer service and new releases, and working on long term strategy for the brand.

A brief daily journal over a week:

I’m currently writing this in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic so it’s fair to say this journal is quite a bit different than if I had written it a few months ago. Whilst the music industry in general is suffering immensely we are very fortunate that we are able to continue releasing music for our artists and engaging with them on their release strategies during this difficult time. 

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As half of the team are now working remotely we start each day with a team catch up over Hangouts. We get the chance to discuss the upcoming day and week and regroup on any outstanding actions from the week prior. The support team go into action handling any support issues from the weekend and processing any outstanding digital deliveries. Then we listen to the latest music that is coming through the system so we can keep across all the great music that is being uploaded.

After our team hangouts we update our analytics and review the previous weeks uploads and deliveries, and compare our week to week movements. We create the smartURLs for our new releases and schedule emails to go out, to give artists a landing page they can post when their music is released. Our PR team will meet to discuss upcoming campaigns and go through submissions for future campaigns.

We’ll have a management meeting to go over any business related issues like P&L and any other ongoing strategy discussions concerning the business. There are a number of projects in the works to expand features on our website. Our pitching team will be busy putting together playlist pitching submissions for the coming weeks and reviewing new submissions. 

I’ll consult with our IT Developer on feature roll outs and upgrades that are currently in the works. Normally I’ll have a number of phone calls with artists to discuss strategies and any other questions they have about the service. But no in-office meetings while we’re all social distancing! Next I’ll have a meeting with Benji who looks after our A&R in Sydney to discuss any new emerging artists that he’s been talking with.

Release day! Our biggest day of the week for new releases. All the smartURLs need to go out first thing. We check all the playlists which have been refreshed today, and monitor if any of our artists have been added. Previously we had a team lunch which we’ve all been missing since lockdown. Afterwards we submit the ARIA chart registrations for new releases and do a fair bit of admin to make sure things keep running smoothly. 

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Challenges and Accomplishments:

Time is the biggest challenge. There is always more to get done than the time allocated. Our biggest accomplishments on a weekly basis is upholding our high customer service level, making sure we are hitting our release dates, getting wins on playlists, and for our PR team to be getting wins on radio and online. 


Working with a heap of great new artists and listening to new music. Solving technical issues to keep our system running smoothly. Getting a playlist wins!


It’s easy to get bogged down in reporting. So many spreadsheets and reports. I love data and I’m an excel nerd but sometimes it can get a bit much.

Words of Wisdom:

Take opportunities when they are presented. Don’t be scared to try new things and take a risk.

Attention to detail is key.

Networking is critical in this industry, but is a skill that can be developed (if you’re an introvert like me).

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