Circulate Satellite Webinar: Songwriting & Creative Development

Francesca de Valence (I Heart Songwriting Club) facilitates a great discussion with Australian artists Mama Kin, Tommy Spender & Sam Buckingham, delving into Songwriting and Creative Development and touching on topics including: 

  • the art of songwriting, 
  • being a songwriter,
  • how to make an income from songs,
  • creative development for a career,
  • what success means to you. 

◀️ Watch the trailer here. If you like what you see, you can purchase your own on-demand access to this two hour workshop for $10.

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Danielle Caruana, known professionally as Mama Kin, is an Australian singer-songwriter. She has released two albums, Beat and Holler and The Magician's Daughter. As mischievous as she is charming, Fremantle’s Mama Kin is part raconteur and all-out entertainer. With a widespread reputation for her unique blend of foot-stomping soul, heart-wrenching ballads and stirring live shows.

By day Spender writes and records music for tv and radio commercials, produces bands and teaches primary school kids Garageband. At night, Spender climbs into a musical crawl space inspired by the likes of Damon Albarn, Prince and Leonard Bernstein. In here, he creates the perfect space for storytelling and isn’t afraid to employ any instrument, effect or program to make his point. Covering saxophones, guitars, percussion, basses, harmonicas, voices and laptops. He can also whistle like nothing you might have heard before.

Having released two independent albums and lapping the country countless times on house concert tours, Sam Buckingham has built a reputation as one of Australia’s most authentic and prolific songwriters. Releasing her new album The Water, she has distilled an ambitious pilgrimage into songs that confront fear, convey heartache and celebrate adventure, desire and devotion.

Francesca de Valence is an artist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, educator, inspirer and social entrepreneur. Pursued by an overwhelming desire to nurture creative expression and foster a deep sense of belonging in all individuals, Francesca founded the global digital phenomenon I Heart Songwriting Club in 2014, an online community that inspires, supports and challenges songwriters as they develop and hone their skills in a safe and supportive environment. She is an active youth songwriting mentor, and facilitates local community songwriting projects for emerging artists as well as disadvantaged sectors of the community.

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