Understanding Copyright

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Copyright means that the creative content you produce is also owned by you. Have you ever though about the formal process of formalising that ownership? What happens if you don't? These music industry professional explain how copyright will be a standard task once you know the basics principles and organisations.
Module 1What is Copyright?
Learn about copyright and why it's important from the experts.
Unit 1Darren Sanicki - What is Copyright? [1:32]
Unit 2Karen Hamilton - What Is Copyright, Why Do We Need It? [01:04]
Unit 3Karen Hamilton - What Does Assigning Copyright Mean [01:22]
Unit 4Tyler McLoughlan - What is Copyright? [0:47]
Module 2Different Types of Copyright
Hear the experts explain the different types of copyright that exist and how they are relevant to you.
Unit 1Darren Sanicki - Understanding the Different Types of Copyright [5:31]
Unit 2Karen Hamilton - What Types Of Copyright Are There [00:20]
Unit 3Tyler McLoughlan - Explaining the Different Parts of Copyright in a Song [2:09]
Unit 4Moira McKenzie - Understanding Copyright [01:36]
Module 3How Do Set Up Copyright
How to ensure you have set up the correct copyright and have maximised its potential.
Unit 1Karen Hamilton - How Do I Copyright My Work [00:28]
Unit 2Karen Hamilton - How Can An Artist Maximise Copyright Earnings [01:10]
Module 4What Can You Do to Ensure Your Copyright is Protected?
Learn how to make sure your copyright is protected from industry leaders.
Unit 1Darren Sanicki - Protecting Copyright [1:47]
Unit 2Karen Hamilton - What Organisations Exist To Assist With Copyright Protection [02:11]
Unit 3Karen Hamilton - What Does An Artist Need To Do To Ensure Copyright Is Protected [00:38]
Unit 4Tyler McLoughlan - Protecting Copyright [0:21]
Module 5Support Organisations That Help Artists Collect Their Earnings
What support organisations exist and how can they help artists collect their earnings?
Unit 1Darren Sanicki - Organisations That Help Artists Collect Copyright [4:33]
Unit 2Tyler McLoughlan - Making Money from Copyright [1:12]
Module 6Tips and Tools for Understanding Copyright Law
Listen as industry experts give you tips and tools for understanding copyright law.
Unit 1Darren Sanicki - Tips and Tools for Understanding Copyright [1:05]
Unit 2Tyler McLoughlan - Tips and Tools for Understanding Copyright [1:34]

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