Understanding Album Cycles

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Every artist will have several unique paths for success when releasing their albums, if that is the intention. Understanding album cycles will ensure that your releases have enough momentum to keep you, your fans and you team happy and fulfilled. Check out the advice from these industry experts regarding the topic.
Module 1 Strategising your Release Cycles
Our speakers explain the importance of strategising your music releases and working a project through a full marketing and touring cycle.
Unit 1 Glenn Dickie - Understanding Album Cycles [3:11]  
Unit 2 Jess Carroll - Press Cycles [02:16]  
Unit 3 Jess Carroll - What Affects Length Of A Press Cycle [03:00]  
Unit 4 Jess Carroll - Press Cycles Gone Wrong [01:26]  
Unit 5 Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Timelines For Album Release [02:45]  
Unit 6 Seja - Album Cycles [1:22]  
Unit 7 Seja - Examples of Album Cycles You've Worked On [0:53]  
Module 2 Common Mistakes to Avoid
Find out what some of the common mistakes are for artists releasing music.
Unit 1 Seja - Mistakes in Release [0:43]  
Unit 2 Vivienne Mellish - Record Cycles That Went Well Or Badly [04:03]  

One of the most important marketing campaigns is the one around the launch of new material. What are album cycles and why are they important? Listen to industry experts give insight and advice on the best approach artists should take when launching new material.

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Blow Your Own Trumpet: A Musicians Guide to Publicity & Airplay (2012) – Stacey Piggott


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