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Trinity Roots

Trinity Roots have been writing and performing some of New Zealand’s finest reggae/soul since 1998. Sharing members with Fat Freddie’s Drop, collaborating with the likes of Neil Finn and boasting countless sold out shows, there is no doubt that Trinity Roots are considered a cornerstone in the reggae scene.

We talked to bass player Rio to get his savviest seven tips for professional musicians.

1. The best live music venues in my area are… (Why?)

King Street in Masterton. It’s nicely set up, designed by a musician for musicians.

Moon. Because it’s close to where I live. and it’s a venue with communal spirit.

2. The music scene in —— (Your home town) is…

The scene in Wellington is pretty vibrant. There are a couple of music schools in the city and they’re always adding new talent to the scene.

3. My top tip for artists who self-manage is…

Get to know Google Drive. Be as clear as you can in your communications between band members and venues owners etc… and don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

4. In my opinion, the most important issue facing the music industry is… (Could be local or national focused)

I question the validity of things like X factor and Idol. On these shows the idea of the overnight success is portrayed and I don’t think that is realistic in terms of what life is like for a lot of musicians.

5. When on the road, my favourite pit stops are… (Why?)

Hotel Gyms and Pools because it’s an attempt to do something healthy whilst being on the road.

6. My biggest career mistake has been…

I regret not learning how to read music properly, this is not a necessarily a mistake but it’s definitely a bit of a hindrance.

7. My best advice for emerging artists is…

Be bold, original, courageous and have fun.

You can check out Trinity Roots on their Facebook or check out their latest Bandcamp release below.


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