Touring Nationally and Internationally

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Like anything, planning ahead will result in a better outcome. Touring is absolutely not the place where you want to ignore this. So what should you focus on? How do you tour the region, let-a-lone overseas? This course is packed with reputable touring information for both national and international interests.
Module 1When is a Band Ready to Tour?
It's vital that artists understand that you need to have a few things in place before you start touring interstate, nationally and/or internationally.
Unit 1Ellen Kirk - When Is A Band Ready For A National Tour [00:37]
Unit 2Ellen Kirk - Pros And Cons Of Touring Internationally [01:01]
Unit 3HITS - When is a Band Ready to Tour Europe? [6:42]
Unit 4Jess Carroll - When Is A Band Ready For International Tours [01:23]
Unit 5Mia Dyson - When is an Artist Ready to Tour North America? [1:52]
Unit 6Mirko Vogel - When is a Band Ready to Tour Europe [2:31]
Unit 7Paul Watson - When Is a Band Ready to Tour Nationally? [2:31]
Unit 8Seja - When is a Band Ready to Tour Nationally [1:11]
Module 2Logistical Factors You Need to Consider Ahead of Any Touring
Our tour experts fill us in on what you need to consider before planning a tour. High priority components, timelines, team members etc.
Unit 1Ellen Kirk - Importance Of Time Management In Regards To Venues [00:45]
Unit 2Ellen Kirk - How To Choose Venue And Support Acts For Your Tour [01:34]
Unit 3Ellen Kirk - Can You Ask Other Bands To Help Out On Your Tour [00:30]
Unit 4Ellen Kirk - Can You Use A Travel Agent To Make Arrangements [01:19]
Unit 5Ellen Kirk - Transport Whilst On Tour [00:45]
Unit 6Ellen Kirk - Personnell To Take On Tour [00:42]
Unit 7Ellen Kirk - Organising Accommodation [00:45]
Unit 8Ellen Kirk - Managing Timezone Difference [00:23]
Unit 9Ellen Kirk - Making Time For Interviews On Tour [00:30]
Unit 10Ellen Kirk - Factors To Consider Before Going On Tour [01:27]
Unit 11Ellen Kirk - Importance Of Making A Timeline For Touring [01:10]
Unit 12Geoff Bell - What To Consider Ahead Of Booking A Tour [01:04]
Unit 13HITS - European Timelines, Timeframes Etc. [3:11]
Unit 14HITS - Booking Gigs in Europe [1:40]
Unit 15Husky Gawenda - Touring Europe: Things to Consider [2:51]
Unit 16Jess Carroll - Considerations Before Planning International Tours [03:33]
Unit 17Jess Carroll - Pros And Cons Of International Touring [02:11]
Unit 18Mia Dyson - Things to Consider Ahead of a North American Tour [2:21]
Unit 19Mia Dyson - North American Tour Timelines [1:54]
Unit 20Mirko Vogel - Logistics of Planning an Australian Tour [10:39]
Unit 21Mirko Vogel - Logistics of Planning a North American Tour [7:13]
Unit 22Mirko Vogel - Things to Consider Ahead of a European Tour [12:16]
Unit 23Paul Watson - Things to Consider Ahead of National Tour [1:36]
Unit 24Seja - Things to Consider While Planning a National Tour [2:19]
Unit 25Seja - What to Discuss Before Making Bookings [1:05]
Module 3The Pro's and Con's of using a Booking Agent and/or Tour Manager
When planning a national tour, using experienced booking agents and tour managers can contribute to the making of a successful tour. But how much of it can you do yourself? Probably most of it, if you're up for the adventure. Let's hear from our speakers about their personal experiences.
Unit 1Ellen Kirk - Benefits Of Having A Tour Manager And Venue Booker [00:49]
Unit 2Ellen Kirk - Benefits Of Having A Local Tour Manager For International Tours [01:05]
Unit 3Jess Carroll - Benefits Of Local Tour Managers [02:22]
Unit 4Mia Dyson - Using Local Booking Agents and Tour Managers [1:23]
Unit 5Mia Dyson - What you Need to Discuss with your North American Booking Agent [1:42]
Unit 6Mirko Vogel - Pros and Cons of a Local Tour Manager [1:59]
Unit 7Mirko Vogel - Pros and Cons of Having a Tour Manager and Booking Agent [3:01]
Unit 8Seja - Pros and Cons of Booking an Agent and Tour Manager [1:57]
Module 4What Makes a Good Tour Manager?
What skills and qualities should you look for in a Tour Manager?
Unit 1Ellen Kirk - Qualities Of A Good Tour Manager [01:41]
Unit 2Mirko Vogel - Qualities and Skills of a Tour Manager [1:03]
Unit 3Mia Dyson - Required Skills and Qualities of a Tour Manager [0:44]
Unit 4Paul Watson - Surviving Life On the Road as a Tour Manager [1:17]
Unit 5Seja - Tour Manager Skills and Qualities [2:23]
Module 5Understanding the Role of the Tour Manager
We ask our speakers what exactly Tour Managers do - and more importantly, what they don't do. Understanding boundaries and roles.
Unit 1Ellen Kirk - What Does A Tour Manager Do, How Do They Get Paid [01:15]
Unit 2Ellen Kirk - How To Become A Tour Manager [00:28]
Unit 3Mia Dyson - What do Tour Managers do? [2:54]
Unit 4Mirko Vogel - Responsibilities of a Tour Manager [5:29]
Unit 5Mirko Vogel - Responsibilities of a Tour Manager in Europe [2:32]
Unit 6Paul Watson - What Does a Tour Manager Do? [0:40]
Unit 7Seja - What Do Tour Managers Do or NOT Do? [2:13]
Module 6What Should We Pay A Tour Manager?
Pay rates can range a great deal depending on the size of the tour, how experienced the Tour Manager is and what the agreed set of roles/tasks are.
Unit 1Mia Dyson - What do North American Tour Managers Get Paid? [0:30]
Unit 2Mirko Vogel - Budgeting for a European Tour Manager [2:27]
Unit 3Seja - How Much Do Tour Managers Get Paid [0:29]
Module 7The Importance of Always Having a Plan B, C and D
What potentially calamitous things can happen on tour? Disaster management is an essential part of tour preparation. You need to consider all the worst things that could potentially happen and be prepared to act quickly!
Unit 1Ellen Kirk - How To Manage Unexpected Situations For Tours [00:45]
Unit 2Mia Dyson - Things That Could go Wrong [1:25]
Unit 3Mirko Vogel - The Importance of Having a Plan B [1:50]
Unit 4Mirko Vogel - Dealing with Emergencies on Tour [2:32]
Unit 5Paul Watson - The Importance of Having a Plan B [2:48]
Module 8The Tour Book
What is a tour book, is it a good idea and what should it include?
Unit 1Ellen Kirk - Who Gets A Tour Book [00:57]
Unit 2Jess Carroll - Tour Books [01:07]
Unit 3Mia Dyson - Tour Books [2:06]
Unit 4Mirko Vogel - The Importance of a Tour Book [7:21]
Unit 5Paul Watson - The Tour Book [1:02]
Unit 6Seja - Tour Books [0:40]
Module 9Mistakes to Avoid
Common mistakes artists and their teams make when touring Australia.
Unit 1Ellen Kirk - East Coast Vs National Tour Pros And Cons [00:54]
Unit 2Ellen Kirk - International Tours Unexpected Situations [00:31]
Unit 3Ellen Kirk - Mistakes Made In Tour Planning [00:48]
Unit 4Jess Carroll - Mistakes Made On International Tours [01:18]
Unit 5Jess Carroll - Common Issues On International Tours [01:00]
Unit 6Fred Smith - Common Mistakes Artists Make [0:39]
Unit 7Mia Dyson - Mistakes to Avoid when Touring North America [3:52]
Unit 8Mirko Vogel - Common Mistakes to Avoid When Touring Europe [1:56]
Unit 9Mirko Vogel - Common Mistakes to Avoid When Touring North America [6:24]
Unit 10Mirko Vogel - Common Mistakes When Touring Australia [1:34]
Unit 11Seja - Common Touring Mistakes [1:21]
Module 10Tips and Tools for Touring
Some handy tips and tools for people interested in touring nationally in Australia.
Unit 1Ellen Kirk - Dietary Requirements On Tour [00:23]
Unit 2HITS - European Tour Tips and Tools [1:57]
Unit 3Seja - Touring Tips and Tools [0:46]

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