3 ways in which Artist Token’s will drive the new Music Economy

What’s an Artist Token? A token or crypto currency is a mechanism whereby an asset is created on the Blockchain. In terms of music, the asset can be in the form of digital music or other forms of creative output. This opens up the opportunity for fans of a band of musicians to hold an asset in that entity and share in the revenue flows of that artist. We believe this presents a fantastic mechanism to drive a new form of music innovation and it will do this in 3 key areas:


What Even IS Blockchain Technology?

This is a guest article written by Mo Jalloh from Sydney based music platform Zimrii The Emergence of BlockChain Technology The emergence of BlockChain Technology has been described as one of the greatest technological advancements since the dawn of the internet, but for a good many people the concept is still quite alien. This is especially true when this …

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tax guide for musicians

Tax: A Comprehensive How-To Guide For Musicians And Music Workers

A guest article by music/arts accountant Scott Maughan with reference to AMIN’s Tax Pack prepared by Ben Fletcher. Tax: the very word is enough to make many musicians eyes glaze over. Unfortunately, if you’re receiving an income from music (woohoo!), preparing your yearly tax return is a horrifying necessity. But we’ve got you covered. The below article by guest author Scott Maughan is a fantastic, comprehensive …

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A Week In The Life Of… An APRA Writer Services Team Leader, Chris O’Neill

Chris O’Neill is an incredible session drummer who has performed on countless albums and tours across the country. He is also the National Team Leader for the Writer Services Department at APRA AMCOS. He has offered us a glimpse into what a typical week looks like as an APRA AMCOS Writer Services Representative. His role is pretty diverse, as you can see below. Over to you

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