Streaming and Digital Distribution

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If you haven't done research on the world of Streaming and Digital Distribution in the past 6 months, the chances are you're out of date. Although our interactions with technology are rapidly changing, these digital music distributing experts let us know the foundations of how to optimise your music success online.
Module 1Digital Distribution and Streaming Services
Hear in-depth explanations of digital download sales and streaming services such as Spotify. What are the pro's and con's of these services?
Unit 1Andy Vincent - What is Spotify? [1:07]
Unit 2Andy Vincent - Spotify for Artists [0:55]
Unit 3Ditto - Digital Distribution Explained [2:25]
Unit 4Ditto - Pros & Cons Of Digital Distribution [1:35]
Unit 5Ditto - Realistic Expectations About Money [4:37]
Unit 6Van Picken - Digital Distribution [06:02]
Module 2What are the Platforms Available to Artists Releasing Music?
What are some of the places you can release music to, and what tools are available to access these platforms? Which of these can be monetized and which ones should be used as tools for promo/marketing/media? Hear leading industry figures give advice on the best approach.
Unit 1Ditto - Best Distribution Methods [1:19]
Unit 2Andy Vincent - Digital Distribution via Spotify [0:54]
Module 3What is Metadata and Why is it so Important?
Interested to know about metadata and how it can help you out? Click here to learn from the experts.
Unit 1Ditto - Metadata [3:33]
Module 4The Importance of Stats
Statistics might not be the first thing you think of when releasing new music, but it's critical. Learn about the importance of understanding and translating statistics from the experts.
Unit 1Andy Vincent - Income Stats [1:00]
Unit 2Ditto - Sales & Statistics [2:03]
Unit 3Andy Vincent - Using Stats [0:55]
Module 5Common Mistakes
What are some common mistakes bands make when it comes to digital download sales and streaming?
Unit 1Ditto - Common Mistakes DIY Artists Make [2:16]
Unit 2Andy Vincent - Common Mistakes [0:30]
Module 6Tips and Tools for Digital Distribution & Streaming
Extra tips and tools for how to manage digital distribution and streaming of your music.
Unit 1Ditto - Tips & Tools For Making Money [3:24]
Unit 2Ditto - Tips & Tools [3:00]
Unit 3Andy Vincent - Partnering with Spotify [10:42]
Unit 4Andy Vincent - Artist Creating Add on Content [0:50]
Unit 5Andy Vincent - Spotify Marketing Tips [1:52]
Unit 6Andy Vincent - Integrations Partnerships [1:31]
Unit 7Andy Vincent - Future of Streaming [1:05]

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