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The Steve McQueens is a neo-vintage soul-funk band with a penchant for groove and making music that just feels good. They have been winning praise at festivals and venues such as Japan’s iconic Summersonic, Indonesia’s Java Jazz, Singapore’s Singjazz and London’s Indigo at the O2. With the release of their second album ‘Seammonster’, The Steve McQueens are leaving their indomitable mark on the music world.

The band are about to do a tour of Australia, playing a couple of gigs including one in the Aurora Spiegeltent for the Brisbane Festival in September! They are on the promo trail so we got to have a quick chat with them for this week’s savvy seven feature! Hope you enjoy the goodness!

What is the best part about being a musician, for you?

Fabian: Music is a wonderful avenue to bare one’s soul without which we would otherwise die inside from angst and depression.
Aaron: I feel the best part is that I have a purpose, I always have something to work on and something I want to explore. I guess I’ve realized not everybody finds their “thing” which makes me grateful to have one.
Ginny: I get to witness, and be a part of the magic that happens when one breathes life into vibrations and frequencies.

How has your music practice changed over time?

Josh: Everyone in the band brings their own thing , whether good or bad, creative ideas or personal baggage alike, it’s all good, it’s all nourishment for the unique composite identity. and over time we just learn to use these fragments better, to see ourselves in each other’s pain, each other’s joy, and hopefully gain a better perspective. So I guess the answer is that as we get used to seeing through each other’s “lenses” the music becomes more honest and hopefully more human.
Andrew: My practice over time has become simpler but deeper and more honest.
Aaron: I used to practice random things with no direction. Currently I’ve set goals so my practice routines have been more purposeful and also organized.

What advice would you give to someone who is about to head off on their very first tour?

Josh: Comfortable shoes! And adapters.
Fabian: Be prepared musically and lower expectations of a crowd that will immediately accept your music.
Jase: Bring a bottle of melatonin pills to help with possible jet lag & bedtime woes. While exploring a new city should be high on your to-do list, maintaining your original exercise and practice routine is just as important especially when you’re overseas for a long stretch.

Do you get nervous before you perform? How do you manage that?

Fabian: Just do it. Face reality squarely in the face. The reality of a thousand pairs of eyes looking at you. But having bright stage lights help.
Ginny: I take slow, deep breaths and visualise the set before I head up on stage.

How do you record your initial song ideas?

Josh: I use paper and pen, music paper with the 5 lines on it, for me it’s still the fastest way of capturing an idea. I try to get my students to do the same but it’s an uphill battle, they all seem to be allergic to paper.
Ginny: Mostly on paper and pen, and my trusty audio recording app.

What has been your biggest career mistake/regret?

Jase: Gullibility and not listening to my gut. A less mature sense of judgement always attracts a plume of deception from nasty people – you end up losing time and the peace of mind.
Aaron: I don’t really have any regrets but I’ve made many mistakes. One of which would be that I was not as honest with myself before.
Ginny: Not speaking/ standing up for what I believed in.

My top business/career tip for new artists is…

Josh: Not too sure about “career” but so far these seem to have worked: Stick with it. Write music that is true. Surround yourself with good people as much as you can. If the first 3 steps work, you’ll be with them for a long time.
Jase: Hang with people who can help focus your creativity into something tangible. Giving up is always easier so just stick with the path and the fruits may follow.
Ginny: Listen.

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