Starting a Record Label

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A record label can have a variety of goals, so it is important to align your research with a similarly operating label. Do you know what type of label you want or have? Whether you are starting a label, searching for a label or run a label, the advice from these industry pros is a must for avoiding the wrong path.
Module 1What qualities and skills do you need to run a label?
When you're an indie label, the reality is that you may find yourself acting as manager, promoter, agent, video director, graphic designer, PR officer, radio plugger, A&R, accountant, lawyer, distributor, webmaster, travel agent, secretary and maker of tea, coffee and snacks. What kind of person do you need to be to run a label?
Unit 1Gregg Donovan - Skillsets Required To Run A Label [5:45]
Unit 2Jen Cloher - Starting a Label, Skills Required and MILK Records Overview [6:33]
Unit 3Maria Amato - What Qualities And Skills Do You Need To Run A Label [1:10]
Unit 4Maria Amato - Pros And Cons Of Starting Your Own Label [0:37]
Unit 5Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Qualities Needed To Run A Record Label [01:52]
Module 2Do you need a lot of money or an investor to start a label?
Money makes the world go round, but is it important when starting your own record label?
Unit 1Gregg Donovan - Funding Labels [6:01]
Unit 2Jen Cloher - Do You Need Money To Start A Label? [4:25]
Unit 3Maria Amato - How Much Does It Cost To Run A Label [1:02]
Unit 4Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Record Label Funding [01:51]
Module 3What are some things to consider before starting your own label?
Starting your own record label can be a bit daunting. What are some things you should keep in mind?
Unit 1Gregg Donovan - Starting A Label - A Checklist [4:39]
Unit 2Gregg Donovan - The Importance Of Label Branding [3:22]
Unit 3Gregg Donovan - Do Labels Need To be Niche-Genre Focused? [6:18]
Unit 4Gregg Donovan - Organisations Label Operators Should Know About [3:13]
Unit 5Gregg Donovan - Pros And Cons Of Starting A Label [2:24]
Unit 6Gregg Donovan - Business Tips For Labels Just Starting Out [3:24]
Unit 7Gregg Donovan - Common Label Mistakes [4:03]
Unit 8Maria Amato - Tips And Tools For Setting Up A Label [0:42]
Unit 9Maria Amato - Are There Particular Benefits To Starting A Label As An Individual, A Partnership Or A Group [1:23]
Unit 10Maria Amato - Do You Think Independent Labels Need to Be Niche Focussed [0:37]
Unit 11Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - SAGE Advice Labels [01:28]
Module 4Business Plan
Is having a business plan important when starting your own label?
Unit 1Jen Cloher - The Value in Business Plans [04:55]
Unit 2Maria Amato - Do You Set Up A Business Plan [0:44]
Unit 3Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Labels Do You Need A Business Plan [02:02]
Module 5What are the first steps when setting up a label?
Listen as the experts run through their checklist of things to do when setting up a label.
Unit 1Gregg Donovan - Labels First Steps and Business Planning [3:32]
Unit 2Jen Cloher - Starting A Record Label [06:33]
Unit 3Maria Amato - Which Organisations Should Labels Have Membership Or Contact With [0:58]
Unit 4Maria Amato - Does A Label Need To Exist In A Physical Place Or Can It Exist Online [1:03]
Unit 5Maria Amato - How Important Is Having A Brand [0:14]
Unit 6Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Nitty Gritty Of Starting A Label [02:44]
Unit 7Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Setting Up An Indie Label [01:20]
Unit 8Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Physical Place For A Label [01:06]
Unit 9Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Labels Genre Specific [00:50]
Module 6How do you find and choose music to release?
What are the best ways to find music to release? How do you know when a band is ready to release music? Find out now.
Unit 1Gregg Donovan - When Is A Song Ready For Label Release? [3:41]
Unit 2Jen Cloher - How Do You Find Artists To Release? [02:09]
Unit 3Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Releasing New Music [01:55]
Module 7Record Label Artist Agreements
What kinds of things should you include in your artists agreement? How do you agree on the length of the agreement? Does the label cover the costs of artist recordings or mastering?
Unit 1Gregg Donovan - Record Label Contracts [10:57]
Unit 2Michelle Padovan And Steven Bell - Artist Agreement [02:06]
Module 8Artwork
Thoughts on the importance of artwork for a release
Unit 1Jen Cloher - Artwork [01:53]
Unit 2Gregg Donovan - Release Artwork [1:41]
Unit 3Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Label Input Artwork [01:01]
Module 9Planning your Distribution
Should you do both digital and physical distribution? How do you choose which outlets/formats/platforms/companies to use?
Unit 1Gregg Donovan - Digital + Analogue Music Sales [3:17]
Unit 2Jen Cloher - Physical and Digital Distribution [03:42]
Unit 3Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Planning Your Distribution [01:55]
Module 10Label Marketing & Release Cycles
Let's discuss the strategic planning around a music launch
Unit 1Gregg Donovan - Release Timelines [4:50]
Unit 2Gregg Donovan - Understanding Media Targets For Labels [9:42]
Unit 3Maria Amato - What Timeline Should A Band Or Artist Follow When Releasing An Album [0:14]
Unit 4Maria Amato - What Kind Of Promotional Platforms Are Important When Releasing Music [0:27]
Unit 5Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Marketing Campaign Basics [01:39]
Module 11Common Mistakes
Common mistakes made when developing a music label.
Unit 1Maria Amato - What Are The Common Mistakes You See Independent Labels Make [0:45]
Unit 2Michelle Padovan And Steven Bell - Common Mistakes Indie Label [01:48]

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