Stage Management

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When the show calls for logistical cohesion on the stage, a stage manager comes in to make sure it all happens. It's a simple concept, but not so simple to execute. Take notes on Kylie Lovejoy's advice if you are considering the role. Stage management is an incredibly rewarding role, but isn't for the faint-hearted.
Module 1What do you need to be a good stage manager
Qualities and Skills required for Stage Management Jobs
Unit 1Kylie Lovejoy - What Qualities and Skills Should a Stage Manager Have? [1:57]
Module 2What do Stage Managers actually do?
Our mentors describe their work roles and all the things they do and don't do.
Unit 1Kylie Lovejoy - What Does a Stage Manager Do and Not Do? [6:16]
Module 3How to prepare for a stage-management gig?
All the things you need to do ahead of the event to have the stage run seamlessly.
Unit 1Kylie Lovejoy - What Preparation Can You Suggest For a Stage Manager Before a Show? [5:03]
Module 4Tips and Tools for Stage Management
We hear some of our mentors personal tips for stage managing, as well as some cool tools to make the job easier.
Unit 1Kylie Lovejoy - Tips and Tools for New Stage Managers [3:29]

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