A Session with Tyler McLoughlan - Music Licensing Agent

Tyler Mcloughlan

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Brisbane music licensing agent, Tyler McLoughlan from The Soundpound spent an afternoon with us recently to explain all things sync and copyright. If you've ever wanted to get your music onto TV or movies, you should watch Tyler's sessions.

Tyler McLoughlan founded The Sound Pound in 2011 after returning from London as a music licence broker with Ricall and seeing an opportunity to represent independent artists in the area of synchronisation licensing.

Working with a range of artists that have included Hungry Kids of Hungary, Tara Simmons, Grand Atlantic, Hey Geronimo, The Jungle Giants, Sons Of Rico and Eves, The Sound Pound has gained placements across advertising, television, film, corporate and new media platforms with the likes of AFL, Suncorp, The Age, Subway, Brisbane Marketing and Queensland Theatre Company.

Tyler used to lecture in music copyright at JMC Academy Brisbane, sometimes writes for The Music, and manages artist Bobby Alu

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