A Session With Stacey and Richard of HITS - 20 Year Music Veterans & DIY Europe Tours

HITS aren't new to the music business. They've been around and around and around - literally. After a 22 date European tour, they're full of drunken stories and a deep know how about the DIY music industry.  They've also signed a European deal with BEAST RECORDS (France) to release an EP while on tour and played gigs, toured or opened shows with, The Scientists, The Drones, The New York Dolls (USA), The Hard-Ons, Violent Soho, The Go-Set, the Gin Club and many, many more!

They've proved their worth through blood, sweat and beers so buckle down and have a listen to their early morning chat with us!

Every now and then a band comes along that kicks you on your arse and reminds you what rock music is truly meant to be about. And right now that band is HITS. Sure, they have been creating a completely glorious racket for years, but with the release of their second full-length record HIKIKOMORI everything has just become a whole world more intense.

HITS are simply a band that does not fuck around. As Steve Bell writing for The Music put it, HITS play “Dirty rock’n’roll at its delectably depraved best.” Produced by walking legend Rob Younger (Radio Birdman/New Christs) and mastered by Don Bartley, HIKIKOMORI comes as close as anything they have done to capturing the sweat soaked assault that is a HITS show. Out now through respected labels Conquest of Noise in Australia and Beast Records in Europe, HIKIKOMORI follows up the band’s much loved album ‘Living With You Is Killing Me’, debut EP ‘Take Your Pills’ and their split 7” releases with Dimi Dero Ic (France) and The Cosmic Psychos.

Listen to HIKIKOMORI and there’s little surprise the band has spent much of the past few years on the road, chalking up more shows than they could possibly remember around Australia and Europe. If you have ever made it to a HITS show you’d know that live, this is a band you’d spend a long time forgetting. Little wonder then that they have shared the stage with an incredible group of bands including The Scientists, The New Christs, Mustang, The Drones, Digger and the Pussycats, Nunchukka Superfly, The New York Dolls (USA), The Hip Priests (Germany), Bitter Sweet Kicks, The Lime Spiders, The Kelpies, Guitar Wolf (Japan), Front End Loader, Giants Of Science, Legends of Motorsport, Dimi Dero Inc (France), Kim Salmon, Psychotic Turnbuckles, The Stems, The Dirtbombs (USA), The Deniz Tek Group, The Cosmic Psychos, HOSS, Ultra Bullit (France), The Nation Blue, The Powder Monkeys, Mick Medew and The Rumours, The Leftovers, Tumbleweed, Violent Soho, X (Australia), The Go-Set, The Dunhill Blues, Head On (France), Endless Boogie (USA), The Gin Club, Sixfthick, Spencer P Jones, Grong Grong, Penny Ikinger and countless more.

But the live show is just part of the story. HITS write simply great songs – boiled to the bone, stripped of pretense and posturing. Which is probably why The Courier Mail last voted their song ‘Take Your Pills’ as one of the top 50 best Queensland songs ever written and the band have had a track in the listener-voted Triple Zed Hot 100 top ten for six years running. This is a band people genuinely love – or hate. Take a listen, go see them. It’s your call.

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