A Session with Nick O'Byrne - Former BIGSOUND Executive Programmer and Artist Manager

Nick O'Byrne is Co-Owner and Director at Look Out Kid Artist Management (home to some of the biggest artists in the country) and Barely Dressed Records, but before that he was BIGSOUND Executive Programmer and General Manager of the Australian Independent Record Labels Association (in case you were wondering, AIR aims to achieve parity of terms and market access for independent labels inAustralia. AIR helps labels and artists helping to further their business through better practice in marketing, publicity, collective bargaining, release strategies, licensing, export and distribution.)

Nick frequently gives opinions (whether you want them or not) on music industry matters in the Australian press. He studied vibraphone at uni, manages a couple of rad Australian artists (including the most excellent Courtney Barnett) and a record label which has released some rather cool world-music, hip hop/soul and indie music compilations.

He spoke to us briefly at BIGSOUND back in 2015 to explain what the conference does, and how artists can win a showcase selection. It remains absolutely relevent even now, half a decade later. 

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