A Session With Mia Dyson - Self-Managed Recording and Touring Artist

Mia Dyson

We were delighted when Mia Dyson agreed to do an interview with us over Skype from LA recently. Mia is a very savvy self-managed, independent artist who has successfully built a 100% sustainable career over the past 10 years, releasing 5 records and winning/being nominated for various big songwriting awards along the way. She's toured internationally with the likes of Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Chris Isaak and Joe Cocker.

She has a wonderful ability to simplify explanations about tough subjects and her answers to our questions will be much sought after by self-managed artists.

Mia has just released her second American made album “Idyllwild”, a “Brilliant” (Daytrotter) and "bold new venture" (TheMusic.au) that finds her continuing to explore the boundaries of what one woman can do with a rock and roll band, a guitar built by her father, and “a sublime grit & gravel voice that lands her squarely between Lucinda Williams & Bob Dylan”(Boston Globe).

"I do not have a record contract that says I have to make a record. I do it because I’m compelled to. Because control is an illusion. I make records to put it down finally and to release that control. To stop second-guessing.

It’s taken five albums to let go and step into the dark. I’m following songs where they lead me now. It’s unpredictable, where they’ll go. As the process unfolds the songs reveal themselves. I’ve learned to trust the process, trust the skills I’ve built up, the people I’ve chosen to surround myself with.

By letting go of the illusion of control with this band of creative people, we are able to put a puzzle together one small, obscure piece at a time. Something we can share. Something we found by following the songs like partners in a dance. And now we release them to your care. You can follow them where they lead you."

Check out more at Mia's website.

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