A Session With Matt Neighbour - Engineer / Producer / Mixer

Freelancer Matt Neighbour

Matt Neighbour thrives off half-formed musical ideas. The Melbourne-based freelance producer has developed an addiction for fleshing out half-baked tracks by mashing and mangling sounds from his eclectic collection of instruments and effects. In fact, Matt actively hunts for bands whose music has lots of wiggle room arrangement-wise so he can unleash his creative streak.

Prior to freelancing, Matt worked as an engineer at Melbourne’s Sing Sing Studios. “There were a lot of instruments and gear lying around at Sing Sing, and I really developed a love for experimenting with that equipment to create new sounds,” recalled Matt. “I didn’t want to lose that aspect when working on freelance projects, even if the budget wasn’t huge.” [read more from audiotechnology.com.au here]

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