A Session With Jesse Flavell, Artist Manager - SUM Management

Jesse Flavell

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With over 20 years experience in the music industry, Jesse Flavell started the company in 2011 to work collaboratively with some of Australia's finest artists.

After being offered an international recording contract at 18, Jesse's interest in negotiating a path through this colourful industry was sparked. Years of playing in bands, touring and hustling for gigs in Australia then lead to a fruitful stint in the UK. Working closely with Sia Furler lead to some great insights into the pop world such as performances on Top of The Pops, Football Stadium half time entertainment, recording at Abbey Road Studios, writing/producing on major label albums and weeks of regional radio tours.

Returning to Australia, Jesse then spent time in Marketing at Universal Music gaining valuable experience in the Major Label environment helming projects such as the launch of Amy Winehouse, Sia, Feist and more. The next step took Jesse back into the independent world running a boutique record label before segueing across into a 6 year stint in the live music sector as the Head of Marketing and curator of one of Australia's largest music festivals.

​​Jesse now operates SUM Management Music Management - a boutique Music Management company that currently looks after Katie Noonan, KLP, Woodes, Sophie Lowe and Just a Gent.

Jesse is an executive member of the Association of Artist Managers and a member of ARIA.

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  1. Hi Jesse Flavell. I appreciate all your hard work in the music industry. I as well love music and I enjoy writing for a living. My name is Savannah Faye Pope from Portsmouth, Ohio age 42 years old. My goal is to ask you if I could write for you and your current artists. Only if you are interested, please e-mail and write back to me to discuss music type, and availability.

    Thank You for all of your hard work!
    Savannah F. Pope

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