A Session with Jeremy Neale - Recording and Touring Artist

You may think of Jeremy Neale as an artist so perfectly suited to the modern world of alt-pop that he is clearly a major label manufactured product clueless to the ins and outs of the music industry.

In actual fact however, he's just a regular guy who has existed simultaneously as an artist (Velociraptor, Jeremy Neale, Teen Sensations, Tiger Beams), manager, publicist and venue booker at various points in his career. He understands "the biz" but prefers to focus more on making good tunes, and being an all-round personable dude.

After years of writing, recording, touring and persevering through any kind of stressful scenario you could imagine - Jeremy Neale returns from outside of time and space - to this very time and place to give you the best advice he can. To avoid the mistakes he has made and to help make your path to where you want to be as fast and as painless as possible and most importantly - to help you enjoy the journey without the anxiousness of the unknown.

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