A Session with Eddie (Evil Eddie) Jacobson - Self-Managed Touring and Recording Artist

Evil Eddie

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Eddie Jacobson - aka Evil Eddie - is a musician currently based out of Brisbane, Australia whose musical focus (though prone to genre hopping) is broadly thought of as Hip Hop. He served as front man for the two time Aria award nominated and Apra award winning Hip Hop/Punk outfit Butterfingers from 2001, and since the band’s official hiatus in 2010, Eddie has gone on to release numerous singles, an EP and the brand new album ‘Welcome to Flavour Country’ as a solo artist.

As an ode to his home state the first single off ‘Welcome To Flavour Country’ was aptly titled ‘Queensland’ and managed to secure number No.86 in Triple J’s esteemed ‘Hottest 100’ competition for 2010, while the video for ‘Queensland’ has received over 200,000 views on YouTube to date.

In 2011 the ‘De-Sex Your Ex’ EP was released which highlighted Evil Eddie’s musical versatility by steering away from Hip Hop and writing 5 tracks in an Indie/Stoner Rock vain, drenched with fuzz guitars and melodic hooks. The film clip for the EP’s title track also saw Eddie take on the role of Director for the first time and shows promise of more directorial work to come. With the release of the ‘Welcome To Flavour Country’ album in 2012 came a return to the beats and rhymes format of ‘Queensland’ and his earlier work with ‘Butterfingers’. For the first time he officially took on the role of Producer for the album and Sound Engineer, recording and mixing over half of the albums tracks by himself. Since the release of the 1st single ‘Queensland’ two more singles from the album complete with clips (‘(Somebody Say) Evil’ and ‘Golden Age’) have also been released to wide acclaim while a fourth is currently in production.

The album itself was made possible via crowd-funding website ‘Pledge’ and due to an overwhelming response from the fans the project met 137% of it’s target amount. Despite heavy editing due to the frequent use of profanity in the lyrics, a clean version of the album was recently serviced to college radio in the USA and has peaked at No.12 on the CMJ American Independent Hip Hop Chart rubbing shoulders with the likes of Azealia Banks and Kendrick Lamar.

Since first breaking out in 2010, Evil Eddie’s live show has gone from strength to strength and has seen him undertake frequent national headlining tours, support shows and festival slots (Big Day Out, Sprung Fest, Woodford Folk Fest, etc…). All shows to date have come bundled with an energetic live band (Bass and Drums at least) and a synced video track incorporating the film clips and other visual media where projection screen capabilities exist. With an ever-expanding repertoire of songs, styles and skills you are advised to stay tuned for more to come through 2013 and beyond.

‘Welcome to Flavour Country’ is out now on Eddie’s very own label Bewilderbeats, is distributed through MGM, and can be found on iTunes here…


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