A Session with Danny Rogers - Co-founder/Director at St Jerome's Laneway Festival

Danny Rogers Screengrab

You can find Danny's content in the following courses:

In the hustle and bustle of the site build for the Brisbane Laneway Festival earlier this year, Danny Rogers agreed to sit down and do a session with me to include in our Putting on your Own Events course. We'd both been running around working at the site and it was really a miracle that a window appeared to allow this to happen. Hopefully this will explain the sporadically blurry video as Danny shifted in his seat and I had forgotten my glasses to check on the focus as the interview was underway.

Anyway, as you'd expect, it's a fantastic session of excellent advice and you will find in it it's entirety over at the Producing Your Own Events. Danny also manages some of the biggest bands in the country and he added his own 2 cents worth into our Advice For Emerging Artists.

Off you go! And apologies for the crappy focus in a few of the video's (especially this one). Don't worry, it gets better!

Filmed on location at the Brisbane site of St Jerome's Laneway Festival 2017

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