A Session with Andrew Stone - Artist Manager and GM of Chugg Music

Andrew Stone is the General Manager of Chugg Music, the Record Label and Management division of Chugg Entertainment.

A little while back I sat down with this insanely busy young fella at the bustling Chugg Entertainment offices in Sydney and he very kindly shared a heap of his time and knowledge with us.

Chugg Music is the management and Australian record label Sheppard, Deep Sea Arcade, Hey Geronimo, The Griswolds, Lime Cordiale and The Tambourine Girls, and is management for Megan Washington, Major Leagues, and New Zealand act, Avalanche City.

Chugg Music artists have achieved multiple ARIA award wins and nominations, as well as #1 records in Australia and NZ, multi-platinum international sales (including the USA), and extensive national and international touring.
Andrew is a board member of the Australia Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) and an Executive member of the Australian Association of Artist Managers (AAM).

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