A Session With Andrew Stockdale, Songwriter, Touring And Recording Artist - Wolfmother

I sat down with Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale in his studio in Byron just as I was heading off on an epic solo roadtrip from Brisbane to Melbourne and back, to capture all my Season 2 content back in 2016. It's shameful that it took me so long to edit his interview because he offered such a fascinating, honest, confrontingly heartfelt story. He went off on tangents so often that I knew editing the content and fitting it into the course structures would be a daunting task, and I never got round to editing this till recently.

I shouldn't have worried.

Because the tangents he went down were brilliant stories from someone who has experienced the very high of the highs (winning a grammy!) and some of the lowest lows and survived to come out with way more business savvy and wisdom. His stories and advice are gold and everyone needs to listen to them. A sobering tale of someone who had no understanding about the music industry getting dragged into a crazy (expensive) ride that took him to the Grammy's and many years of international touring.

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