Season Three Is Almost Here!

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It may have seemed a little quiet around #musiciio HQ of late but hey, it’s been pretty hectic behind the scenes as we madly prepare for the launch of SEASON THREE next month.

The addition of 29 new mentor interviews takes our total list of course mentors up to 90 experienced industry figures, which will translate to about 50+ hours worth of articulate, real-world, truth-talking, best-practice advice to help you make a living in music whether you’re a musician or an industry worker or just need a fresh update on the whole shebang!


*(Peoples roles were accurate at the time of the interviews but of course people move around)

Alex Zaccaria – Bolster Digital
Andrew Stockdale – Wolfmother
Andrew Stone – Artist Manager and GM of Chugg Music
Andrew Tuttle – Musician, Event Promoter, Grant-Writer & Arts Administrator
Andrew Watt – Music Writer and Educator (“Welcome To The Jungle”)
Andy Vincent – Spotify Label & Artist Relations
Anthony Garvin and Simon Todkill (Studios 301)*
Antonia Gauci – Producer (Studios 301)
Benjamin McCarthy – Music producer & Session Muso
Ben Preece – Director of Mucho Bravado Marketing & Management
Brett Oaten – Music Lawyer
Chloe Goodyear – Woodford Festival Head of Programming
Chris Cobcroft – 4ZZZ Community Radio Music Co-ordinator
Chris Johnson – Amrap Manager*
Chris O’Neill – APRA Writer Services National Manager
Clara Iaccarino – Artist Manager & Event Producer
Damian Costin – 123 Agency Founder
Danny Rogers – Co-founder & Director of St Jerome’s Laneway Festival
Darren Sanicki – Music Lawyer
Dave Caffery – Music ACT*
David MacDonald – Musician & Artist Manager (Canada)
Dominic Miller – Artist, Booker & Artist Manager, Bluebeard Music
Dr David Carter – Music Tasmania*
Eddie (Evil Eddie) Jacobson – Self-Managed Touring & Recording Artist (Butterfingers)
Ellen Kirk – Artist Management Lookout Kid
Emily Collins – Music NSW
Esti Zilber – Sounds Australia
Fred Smith – International Folk Artist
Geoff Bell – Booking Agent & Event Producer, Laing Entertainment
Glenn Dickie – Sounds Australia
Gregg Donovan – Artist Manager Wonderlick Entertainment
Harmony James – Country Music Recording & Performing Artist
Hugh Nicholls – City Of Sydney Live Music Advisor*
Husky Gawenda – Touring & Recording Artist, Husky
Jackson Walkden-Brown – Music Lawyer & Musician
Jemma Burns – Film/TV Music Supervisor at Level Two Music
Jen Cloher – Singer-Songwriter & Label Co-Manager at MILK Records
Jeremy Neale – Recording & Touring Artist
Jess Beston – Artist Manager and A&R Artist Development
Jess Carroll – Music Publicist
Jesse Barbera – Artist Manager, Event Promoter & Venue Owner/Operator
Jesse Flavell – Artist Manager SUM Management
Joel Edmondson – QMusic + BIGSOUND
Karen Hamilton – 120 Publishing
Katie Noonan – Musician, Producer & Label Owner
Katie Rynne – Booking Agent at Select Music
Kerri Glasscock – Sydney Fringe Festival & Venue Operator
KLP – Singer-Songwriter, Producer & DJ
Kylie Lovejoy – Stage and Event Manager
L-Fresh the Lion – Touring & Recording Hip-Hop Artist
Lachlan ‘Magoo’ Goold – Music Producer & Sound Engineer
Leanne De Souza – AAM EO & former Artist Manager
Maggie Collins – Artist Manager & BIGSOUND programmer
Maria Amato – AIR EO
Mark Smith – Music NT
Matt Neighbour – Music Producer, Mixer & Sound Engineer
Matt Walters – Singer-Songwriter, Recording & Tourist Artist & Founder of Parlour Gigs
Mel Dine – The Push/Face The Music
Mia Dyson – Self-Managed Recording & Touring Artist
Michelle Padovan – Coolin’ By Sound Label Manager & QMusic/BIGSOUND Marketing Manager
Mirko Vogel – International Tour Manager & Musician, Producer
Moira McKenzie – Music Lawyer, Sanicki Lawyers
Nicholas Jones – Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Tone Deaf*
Nick O’Byrne – Artist Manager at Lookout Kid, Ex-BIGSOUND Executive Programmer*
Nicola Pitt – CAAMA Music
Patrick Donovan – Music Victoria
Paul Watson – Booking Agent, Band Manager & Musician
Peta Chew – Label Manager at ABC Music
Pete Murray – Songwriter/Recording & Touring Artist
Peter Bayliss – Accountant & Artist Manager
Peter Chellew – The Push
Rachael Dixon – Secret Sounds Artist Management
Richard Moffat – Booking Agent & Provocateur
Rob Potts (rest in peace, good sir) – Concert Promotor, Festival Owner, Artist Manager & Booking Agent – Entertainment Edge
Sabrina Robertson – Native Tongue Publishing
Sarah Hamilton and Anthony Barton of Ditto Music
Scott Maughan – Music & Arts Accountant
Seja – Recording and Touring Artist & Tour Manager
Stacey and Richard of HITS – Recording & Touring Artists & DIY Europe Tours
Stacia Goninon- Managing Director of The Seed Fund*
Stephen Bell – Coolin’ By Sound Label Manager, Sonic Sherpa Record Shop Owner & Music Writer
Stephen Green – SGC Media
Stu McCullough – Artist Manager at Amplifire Music
Tim Price – Artist Manager, Event Promoter, Musician, Collision Course PR Publicist,
Tim Scott – Noisey Editor, Music Writer, Event Promotor (Maggotfest)
Tom Harris – Accountant & Artist Manager, Whitesky Accounting
Tommy Spender – Musician & Songwriter, Topliner,
Tristan Hoogland – Music Producer
Troy Barrott – Music Manager at Hub Artist Services
Tyler McLoughlan – Sync Music Licensing Agent at The Sound Pound
Van Picken – Marketing Manager at Comes With Fries
Viv Mellish – Marketing Manager at Mucho Bravado *
Yasmin Naghavi – Music Lawyer at Media Arts Lawyers

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