Rolling In A New Era: We’re Upping Our Prices

passion led us here

When I first started Music Industry Inside Out, back in 2014, I had the purest of convictions that this project MUST provide extraordinary life-changing support and advice for the national Australian music community. For our community and industry to survive, we MUST continue to educate and inspire both ourselves and our emerging aspiring industry workers and musicians. #neverstoplearning! #passionproject!

After two and a half years, I see that it is doing just that.

Providing access to world class mentors for $20 a month (that’s 5 coffees a month!) – even less for those who buy annual memberships. I’ve been very lucky. Many of these mentors are personal friends who refused to charge me for their time despite me waving a small fee in their faces! Others insisted that my payment go to their favourite charity. But I have always wanted to pay them properly, at industry mentor rates of $200 per hour.

There has been much wringing of hands and wailing at me by friends, peers, mentors and advisors that I should be charging much more. I’ve resisted for a long time. But after sitting down and looking at what industry mentorships are charging (up to $15K for a years support), and what the big courses are charging (JMC = $20k per trimester, AIM = $9200 per trimester, QUT = $3600 per semester) and being told repeatedly by students and members that our industry mentors offer far better and more realistic, coherent advice than most of the in-house staff at those institutions, I have decided that it’s time. Time to start charging for memberships that allow me to pay mentors properly for their time and to start paying myself a wage so I don’t have to go “off-cycle” to go earn money elsewhere 6 months a year.

Introducing the new era!

We’re upping our price-points on Friday 17th March, 2017. That gives any of you who have been interested in buying a membership (but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet) a little bit of time to get in at the starting prices of $20 monthly or $150 annually.

From next Friday, the revised prices will be $37 monthly or $277 annually for NEW memberships.

Organisational tier rates will also be raised and we are scrapping the Small Groups membership.

If you want to dodge the price hike, you have a week! JOIN NOW. If you are already a member, don’t panic! Your prices won’t change at all.

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