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Christchurch born and later Melbourne based- artist Reuben Stone has been making waves all year with his electric-indie sounds and soothing semi-reggae vocals. With the release of his single ‘Brighter Than The Sun’, Reuben is the hottest sound right now. Just in time for Summer!

Following a massive year touring with UB40, Tash Sultana and the Pierce Brothers, Reuben Stone has set off around Australia once again to bring us his amazing sounds and renowned live performances. His incredible stage presence that Reuben is so well-known for might be why his tour dates have been selling so quickly, but you can still get last minute tickets for some of his December dates here!

We were able to catch up with Reuben Stone to ask him our Savvy Seven Questions and got an insight into his experiences and what he thinks of the music industry today…

1) Who was your first musical inspiration? Why?

Basically, I have been around musicians and instruments since I was the age of 5. It always seemed natural to be in the jam room and that’s where I felt most at home.

My Dad got me into playing the drum kit as soon as I was able to touch the floor. I would always nag him to jam with me any moment I could. Most of the time he was keen but my drive was very strong and I wanted to play all the time.

2) What advice do you have for someone who is about to set off on their first tour?

Be ready for unexpected challenges and budget blowouts. As a support act, the industry can be quite harsh and it’s not as easy as you imagine. Most likely you will have to look after yourself with accommodation, flights, and rental cars. The pay will probably be just enough to cover costs! Merchandise is so important, that will be what saves you financially! I call it filling the memory back not the actual bank!

3) What has been one of the most defining moments of your career?

When I got the UB40 support slot was a pretty pivotal moment. Also, going on the road with Tash Sultana was a wild time.

4) How has your music practice changed over time?

I have been through a lot of different genres over the last 15 years, from acoustic fingerstyle folk to Metal to Punk. Now I’m live looping, I can incorporate my favourite parts of my musicality into a style that I like to listen to.

5) My top business tip for new artists is…

Go busking!!

6) My biggest career mistake has been…

I wouldn’t say I have made any huge mistakes. One thing I would change would be moving to Melbourne. It was a great step for me, but if I did it earlier I might have been further forward in my career.

7) In your opinion, the most important issue facing the music industry is…and what do you think can change that?

These days anyone can build an artist profile online even if they aren’t ready or haven’t done their time. It makes it quite hard to break through the blanket of these artists, the only thing you can do to change it is work harder and be more professional.

This won’t be the last you’ll hear of Rueben Stone. His good-vibe-spreading sounds and melodic beats are too good to refuse and we expect that he’ll be an Aussie household name in no time!

To learn more about Rueben Stone, check the video below for his single ‘Push To The Limit’.

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