Releasing Your Music

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The results of what happens to your music when it is released will never be certain, but if you miss something fundamental, the chances of it going anywhere are slim. To avoid this potentially huge financial and self-esteem loss, we have interviews some of the music release pros. Is your release destined for failure? That's a question you need to answer.
Module 1What Things Need to be Considered Before an Artist Releases Music?
Learn strategies for planning your music releases. Hear about media strategies, timelines, release territory goal setting, single selection, artwork, pressing, distribution outlets, publishing and sync opportunities.
Unit 1Eddie Jacobson - Things to Consider Ahead of Releasing Your Music [3:14]
Unit 2Harmony James - Things to Consider Ahead Of Releasing Music [2:09]
Unit 3Katie Noonan - Things to Consider Ahead of Releasing Music [1:16]
Unit 4KLP - Considerations Before Releasing [3:36]
Unit 5KLP - Selecting a Single [1:04]
Unit 6KLP - Artwork Considerations [0:56]
Unit 7Pete Murray - Benefits Of Planning A Release [4:35]
Unit 8Vivienne Mellish - How Long Does A Band Have On A Release? [00:51]
Unit 9Glenn Dickie - Understanding Album Cycles [3:11]
Unit 10Jess Carroll - Press Cycles [02:16]
Unit 11Jess Carroll - What Affects Length Of A Press Cycle [03:00]
Unit 12Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Timelines For Album Release [02:45]
Unit 13Seja - Album Cycles [1:22]
Unit 14Seja - Examples of Album Cycles You've Worked On [0:53]
Module 2What are the Benefits of Outlaying Money on a Recording and Release?
Hear the experts explain why it's a good idea to spend money on recording and releasing your music.
Unit 1Eddie Jacobson - The Benefits of Spending Money on a Recording and Release [1:27]
Unit 2Harmony James - The Benefits Of Spending Money On A Release [1:48]
Unit 3KLP - Spending Money On Recording [0:49]
Module 3Why do a DIY Release?
Are you an independent artist? Learn about the pro's and con's of doing DIY releases and other things you should consider.
Unit 1Andrew Stockdale - DIY Music Release [03:14]
Unit 2Eddie Jacobson - The Pros and Cons of a DIY Release [5:22]
Unit 3Harmony James - Why Do A DIY Release? [1:28]
Module 4What Specific Steps Does an Artist Need to Take Before Releasing Music?
What are the typical checklists and timelines for releasing new music? Hear the industry experts share their secrets.
Unit 1Eddie Jacobson - Checklists and Timelines for Releasing New Music [9:16]
Unit 2Fred Smith - Timeline for Release [2:09]
Unit 3Harmony James - Specific Steps To Take Ahead Of A Music Release [1:28]
Unit 4Van Picken - Getting The Most Out Of Your Release [06:20]
Unit 5Vivienne Mellish - How To Get Your Music Out There [02:46]
Module 5What are the Best Platforms for Releasing Music?
Learn about the best places and platforms available for releasing new music.
Unit 1Eddie Jacobson - Platforms for Releasing Music [2:09]
Unit 2KLP - Digital Platforms and Tools [1:01]
Module 6The Importance of Stats
Statistics might not be the first thing you think of when releasing new music, but it's critical. Learn about the importance of understanding and translating statistics from the experts.
Unit 1Andrew Stockdale - Online Stats Data And Mistakes To Avoid [01:34]
Unit 2Eddie Jacobson - The Importance of Understanding Statistics [1:59]
Unit 3Harmony James - The Importance Of Understanding And Using Data & Stats [0:57]
Unit 4Jess Carroll - Stats, Analytics And Marketing [02:59]
Unit 5Van Picken - Understanding Metadata [05:08]
Module 7What Can an Indie Label Typically Offer an Artist?
Why work with an indie label? What are the pro's and con's?
Unit 1Andrew Stone - Record Deals For New Bands [1:05]
Module 8What Can a Major Label Typically Offer an Artist?
You've heard the rumours, now hear from the experts. What are the pro's and con's of working with a major label?
Unit 1Harmony James - What Can A Major Label Offer An Artist? [1:05]
Module 9Common Mistakes
What are some common mistakes bands make when releasing music?
Unit 1Jess Carroll - Common Mistakes Made On Media Releases [01:31]
Unit 2Jess Carroll - Media Mistakes Made By Bands [03:58]
Unit 3Eddie Jacobson - Common Mistakes When Releasing Music [2:05]
Unit 4Harmony James - Common Mistakes When Releasing Music [1:05]
Unit 5KLP - Common Mistakes [0:52]
Unit 6Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Pros And Cons Of Starting Your Own Label [01:31]
Unit 7Jess Carroll - Press Cycles Gone Wrong [01:26]
Unit 8Seja - Mistakes in Release [0:43]
Unit 9Vivienne Mellish - Record Cycles That Went Well Or Badly [04:03]
Module 10Tips and Tools for Releasing Music
Extra tips and tools for how you can best release your music into the world.
Unit 1Harmony James - Tips and Tools for Releasing Music [0:53]
Unit 2KLP - Tips and Tools [0:57]

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