Producing and Promoting Your Own Events

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Producing and Promoting Your Own Events/Festivals
Successfully producing an event could mean the venue asking you to put on a night instead of you asking them. Or it could mean selling ten thousand tickets in five minutes. This events and festival production course highlights what you need to focus on in order for a event to grow and flourish.
Module 1Things to Consider When Producing Your Own Event
What should artists initially consider when wanting to produce their own event, band night, festival etc?
Unit 1Andrew Tuttle - Producing Events [4:13]
Unit 2Danny Rogers - Things To Consider When Starting An Event [2:37]
Unit 3Jesse Barbera - Things to Consider When Producing an Event [2:40]
Unit 4Katie Noonan - Producing Events [1:08]
Unit 5Kerri Glasscock - Considerations DIY Events [2:05]
Unit 6Rob Potts - Advice For Putting On Your Own Show [5:18]
Unit 7Rob Potts - Ticketing [2:16]
Unit 8Tim Scott - Things To Consider Ahead Of Putting On Events [04:10]
Unit 9Tim Scott - Putting On Gigs Regionally [03:09]
Module 2What Does an Event Producer Do?
Find out what the key responsibilities are for event producers. Do you have what it takes?
Unit 1Andrew Tuttle - What Does a Producer Do? [2:08]
Unit 2Danny Rogers - What Does An Event Promotor Do? [3:06]
Unit 3Jesse Barbera - What Does an Event Producer/ Promoter Do? [3:20]
Unit 4Katie Noonan - What Does an Event Producer Do? [3:11]
Unit 5Kerri Glasscock - Career Pathway [1:42]
Unit 6Kerri Glasscock - Producer Job Description [2:01]
Unit 7Rob Potts - Producer Job Description [1:17]
Module 3Funding Events/Festivals
What are some ways an event producer can fund their event/festival?
Unit 1Danny Rogers - Funding Your Events [2:43]
Unit 2Katie Noonan - Ways to Fund Events [2:39]
Unit 3Rob Potts - Event Funding [1:30]
Unit 4Tim Scott - Funding Your Event [04:09]
Module 4Organising One-Off Special Events
How could you go about organising a one-off special event at a venue? Hear experts explain their strategies, process and timelines.
Unit 1Andrew Tuttle - Organising a One-off Event [10:29]
Unit 2Jesse Barbera - Organising a One Off Event [3:12]
Unit 3Katie Noonan - Organising One-Off and Special events [2:02]
Unit 4Kerri Glasscock - Event Timeline [2:03]
Module 5Organising an Ongoing Event
How could you go about organising an ongoing, regular live music event at a venue? Hear experts talk through their strategies, process and timelines.
Unit 1Andrew Tuttle - Event Producing and Regular Events [3:16]
Unit 2Jesse Barbera - Organising an Ongoing Event [2:48]
Module 6Organising a Festival
How could you go about setting up and organising a festival? Hear the experts talk through their process and timelines.
Unit 1Andrew Tuttle - Organising a Festival [5:28]
Unit 2Danny Rogers - Event Timelines [3:00]
Unit 3Jesse Barbera - Organising a Festival [2:10]
Unit 4Kerri Glasscock - Producing a Festival [2:27]
Module 7Tips on How to Create a Killer Event
Hear experts share tips on how to make your event cut through the noise and get a good crowd and vibe.
Unit 1Andrew Tuttle - Cut-through Tips For Events [3:28]
Unit 2Danny Rogers - How To Get Cut Through On Your Event [1:56]
Unit 3Danny Rogers - Handy Tips and Tools [1:53]
Unit 4Jesse Barbera - Tips on Getting a Good Crowd [1:53]
Unit 5Kerri Glasscock - Marketing Tips for Events [3:04]
Unit 6Rob Potts - Events That Cut Through [7:26]
Unit 7Tim Scott - Tips On How To Get Started In Event Management [02:29]
Unit 8Tim Scott - Event Management How To Get Started With An Event [04:10]
Module 8Common Mistakes
What are the common errors that event producers make?
Unit 1Andrew Tuttle - Event Mistakes [2:24]
Unit 2Danny Rogers - Common Mistakes Promotors Make [1:10]
Unit 3Jesse Barbera - Common Mistakes Event Producers Make [2:22]
Unit 4Kerri Glasscock - Common Mistakes [2:12]
Unit 5Rob Potts - Common Mistakes By Event Producers [2:32]
Module 9Tools & Resources for Event Producers
Hear about the tools and resources available for event producers to help make your life easier.
Unit 1Andrew Tuttle - Event production Tips and Tools [2:47]
Unit 2Jesse Barbera - Tools and Resources for Event Producers [2:59]
Unit 3Kerri Glasscock - What is a Stakeholder [2:50]
Unit 4Kerri Glasscock - Ticketing [1:49]
Unit 5Rob Potts - Importance of Reporting [2:39]
Unit 6Rob Potts - Career Pathway Promoter [4:52]

Event production and promotion is hard work, and definitely not for the feint hearted. For people living in regional areas, it often falls to them to organise the events they would like to see happening in their own areas. Lately it seems like boutique events and festivals are popping up all over the place, so how is it that the people behind them transform their little ideas into such successes? We asked experienced promotors, venue operators and event managers their advice on what artists should consider when wanting to produce their own event/ band night/ festival, etc. Our mentors answer questions like – what are an event producer’s responsibilities, what sort of funding will you need and how will you get it, and how to attract the kind of audience you want. Be sure to have a look at the following helpful links before you get started:

Arts Law Centre of Australia – Full of information, fact sheets, checklists and guides to help you navigate the legal side of things.

 Music Business (4th Edition) – by Shane Simpson and Jules Munro

 Welcome to the Jungle – Navigating the Music Business in Australia – by Andrew Watt

X Festival: Do It Yourself Gigs – Developed by Indent, a project of Music NSW. Written by Aden Rolfe.

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