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An Electronic Press Kit really can make or break your next opportunity. If you want to get past the first impressions stage, listen to the people reading them tell you what THEY want to see. Ticking off the basics and avoiding common mistakes will ensure your applications aren't trashed before they're even opened.
Module 1 What does an artist need to include in their press kit?
What is a press kit and why is it useful? Find out what you should include in your press kit from experienced members of the industry.
Unit 1 Jess Carroll - What Is A One Sheet [01:50]  
Unit 2 Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - What Artists Include In Press Kits [01:04]  
Unit 3 Michelle Padovan And Steven Bell - Artists Making Their EPK Stand Out [01:48]  
Unit 4 Stephen Green - What Should Be in an Artist Press Kit [5:10]  
Module 2 What is an EPK and how can you make one?
Is an EPK important? Find out the best platforms to use to help build your EPK.
Unit 1 Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - What Is An EPK [01:43]  
Unit 2 Geoff Bell - How Do You manage EPKS [01:16]  
Unit 3 Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - What To Do With An EPK When Its Done [00:37]  
Unit 4 Stephen Green - What is an EPK? [0:41]  
Unit 5 Nicholas Jones - Press Kits EPK [2:18]  
Unit 6 Vivienne Mellish - What To Include In Your EPK [02:18]  
Unit 7 Vivienne Mellish - Platforms To Build Your EPK  
Module 3 How to write a bio
Learn tips for how to write a kick ass bio that best represents your music.
Unit 1 Michelle Padovan And Steven Bell - Bio Writing Tips [03:47]  
Unit 2 Stephen Green - Tips on Writing Bios [2:16]  
Unit 3 Nicholas Jones - Bios Press Releases [2:42]  
Module 4 Photoshoots - Things to consider
What things need to be considered when planning a photo shoot for your press kit? What kinds of images work best? What formats should they be in? Hear tips from industry leaders.
Unit 1 Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Tips For Planning A Photoshoot [02:56]  
Unit 2 Stephen Green - Planning a Photo Shoot for Your Press Kit [2:57]  
Module 5 Tips and Tools for Creating Press Kits
Extra tips and tools for building the best press kit possible.
Unit 1 Nicholas Jones - Platforms for EPKS [0:41]  

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