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Having only just set their feet back on Sydney soil after last weekend’s killer performance at St. Kilda Festival (VIC) and The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl (QLD), Polish Club are ready to party all over again. The howling Sydney rock-soul duo have dropped their second single and video for ‘Come Party‘ and made the announcement that their highly anticipated debut album Alright Already will be out on Friday March 31st supported by their biggest headline tour to date. We caught up with the boys to discuss their top business tips for new artists and much more, let’s dive in!

1) Who was your first musical inspiration? Why?

Thank fuck for my sister. Most of what she would play in the car on the way to school set up basically 99% of my musical tastes when I was younger. Half of that was your typical 90s grunge and alt, but probably the more profound influence on me was the R&B that followed. Blackstreet’s Another Level was, you know, on another level.

2) What advice do you have for someone who is about to set off on their first tour?

Plan your meals. I’m not kidding. You got an opener set at 8pm? Eat after. You got a headline slot at 11pm? Don’t go all out at a Mexican restaurant beforehand. Have an early dinner that won’t make your insides want to come out to party on stage.

3) What has been one of your most defining moments in your career?

Like A Version was probably the biggest moment for us to date. It was the moment that everyone truly realised how sweaty I really am.

4) How has your music writing/practice changed over time?

It hasn’t. We still lock ourselves in a practice room for three hours and record ideas on our phone as soon as we think of them. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

5) My top business tip for new artists is…

Being in a band is about 25% playing music and 75% promoting the shit out of yourself. Get your head around social media and aim to get a good agent and manager who know what you’re trying to do. If you wanna be all about the music mannnnn then that’s cool too, but no one’s gonna hear your music, ever.

6) My biggest career mistake has been…

Too much chilli on my BBQ pork and noodles in the Valley before Mountain Goat Valley Crawl.

7) In my opinion, the most important issue facing the music industry is…

How the fuck is anyone making music supposed to not be completely broke all the time? Honestly. It’s not about buying a mansion and 20 cars, it’s about not having to move back home and get yet another credit card so you can record a song.

Purchase your tickets for the Alright Already Album Tour HERE.

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