Networking Tips

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Networking Tips
If you're an introvert, you probably struggle with the concept of introducing yourself and your music to someone without feeling awkward or forced. On the other hand you could be an extrovert that over-pitches. In all cases, there are some do's and don'ts that several industry professionals have highlighted for us. What could you do differently?
Module 1Networking Tips
Networking. Love it or hate it, it makes the music biz go 'round. And it's really just another word for getting to know folks in your own field, in a community where mutual respect and reciprocity is everything.
Unit 1Chris Cobcroft - Networking Tips [2:39]
Unit 2Damian Costin - Networking Tips [2:04]
Unit 3Glenn Dickie - Networking Tips [3:55]
Unit 4HITS - Networking Tips and Mistakes [2:39]
Unit 5Husky Gawenda - Networking [1:01]
Unit 6Jeremy Neale - Networking Tips [2:22]
Unit 7Joel Edmondson - Networking [03:24]
Unit 8KLP - Networking Tips Mistakes [0:55]
Unit 9Lachlan 'Magoo' Goold - Networking Tips [1:49]
Unit 10Maggie Collins - Networking Tips [0:50]
Unit 11Maggie Collins - Common Networking Mistakes [1:43]
Unit 12Mel Dine - How To Approach Networking Events [1:39]
Unit 13Mel Dine - Tips For Networking [1:00]
Unit 14Mel Dine - Common Networking Mistakes [2:00]
Unit 15Mel Dine - How To Maintain Networks [0:55]
Unit 16Nicholas Jones - Tips to Avoid Mistakes [3:23]
Unit 17Tim Scott - Networking Tips For Shy People [02:57]

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