We don’t mean to be all bragging about it, but we’ve scoured the nation to find the best to help you be your best and we’re chuffed to bits with the result. And even better than that, so are our members! Here’s what they’ve been saying...

Ben Zilla Singer/Bassist/Songwriter; Göatzilla.

It doesn't matter how good your music is, if you don’t understand the basics of what makes the business tick, you can’t hope to survive in it - let alone thrive in it. MIIO is an awesome source of current, detailed and practical information on how the Australian music industry really works. It’s answered important questions I didn’t even know I should have been asking.

Anonymous Touring and Recording Artist

I just wanted to let you know I’ve spent the last hour watching over some of the videos on your website and to say thanks. I’ve been feeling a little swamped, doubtful and critical of if I can succeed in such an Industry, flying completely solo all the time! While liberating, it can also be such a strain constantly steering a ship with no or limited crew. The vids helped pull me out of my pity party I was throwing. lol. It’s given me back some motivation to keep on trucking, so thanks!

Jackson Walkden Brown Lawyer

Every music business venture is a risky business venture. There are few industries as “tough” as this one. As a lawyer in the music business, I’m privy to some great successes… but also accustomed to cleaning up the mess from some pretty epic failures. After keeping a close eye on Martine’s MIIO journey in its first few months of life, I have every confidence that it’ll fall fairly and squarely on the success side of the scale as it continues to grow over the next few years. The site is an incredibly user-friendly and all-encompassing music education portal that has innumerable gems for every person forging a path in this business, regardless of where he/she falls in the pecking order. I am a firm believer that one of the greatest lessons in life is that we can achieve our goals soooo much quicker if we strategically choose mentors who have already walked the path we’re traversing. This site offers access to an eclectic and very talented selection of mentors through a variety of channels. I have no hesitation in highly recommending the site to anyone who is serious about carving out a career in this wild and wonderful industry.

Oscar Jemmott Screen Composer

The resources and workshops are amazing. The website is so professional, modern and easy to navigate. The people I've met working with you are amazing also. So excited to have won this membership and all it includes!

Jim Brodie Songwriter

When I was preparing to record my songs I watched all of the tutorials on Music Industry Inside Out and found them very helpful. Further I requested more information about the legal sides of using session musicians and the personal service given to me by the Music Industry Inside Out legal team was sensational and helped me avoid some possible pitfalls. I feel music industry inside out is an excellent service for both new and seasoned songwriters and performers.

I loved that the tutorials were on video which makes them very easy to watch and understand.

Check out Music Industry Inside Out because they will help you develop your career without having to spend a fortune.

Bec Wolfers Musician, Music Writer

Music Industry Inside Out is an invaluable resource for emerging music industry professionals. Martine Cotton (previously Program Director of QMusic) has utilised her wealth of experience in the music arena to gather wisdom from some of the biggest successes in the Australian industry. The result is Music Industry Inside Out – Australia’s one-stop music industry webworld, vital for anyone wishing to get in the know. Personally, I find the site simple to use, and enjoy the easy-to-digest educational content on everything to do with music. MIIO is also interactive, with forums on a variety of topics – and you can even request your own ideas for courses, if there’s anything missing you want to know about. With premium membership costing only about the same per week as a tall soy latte for an individual, MIIO is a great investment for your future in music. Thanks so much, Martine!

Kimberley Smith ‏ Vocal Coach

How have I only just discovered @musiciio? Amazing site for musos – their blog is a wealth of info (especially for those of us in Australia)

Nikita Brockmuller artist

Before the course, I was feeling overwhelmed by all the work involved in a music business and at that point, I was entering a mind-set where I considered that I was an artist who was unfortunately incapable of performing the business functions necessary to drive my career. I felt like I either needed to be rescued by somebody who 'knew what they were doing' or that there would never be any room for somebody like me, sensitive to dirtying my art with marketing. The Music Industry Inside Out course luckily helped me out of that unhelpful mind-set. I realised that actually, being a writer of original music, there is nobody better to lead the branding of the band, our imagery and how we communicate with the world. Everything is already there, in the music, the images and values just needed to be fleshed out, teased out. Anyway, I could explain many more "a-huh" moments that struck me during the course.

Just do it. If you're going to release music, it's really worth getting on this course for a month.

Antonia High school music teacher

Just wanted to say – as a teacher I have found the site a great resource and will be trying to get my school to subscribe for next semester. I joined up last month to access a video I thought my student’s might find useful.

Kristy Gostelow Managing Director - Kadence Group

The content I have access through MIIO has assisted me in developing as an Artist Manager, understanding more about the music industry, finding out more about others in the industry, who they are and what they do and what services are available within the industry. Emerging artists and their teams need this sort of resource. As the Program Manager of the youth music program MusoAcademy and running the Kadence Musology Facebook group, I am forever telling students and group members that they should be checking out all the goodness at MIIO, to become members and soak up everything There is so much to learn and MIIO resources are great!

For me personally, I have been really interested in the setting up of a record label information that's available through MIIO and love the Savvy Seven sessions.

If you are serious about building a sustainable career with your music, you should be accessing the incredible resources through MIIO and learning how to run your business!

Peter Fogerty Musician

You never know what you don’t know. But Martine and MIIO know exactly what you don’t know. Don’t ask me how they do it, but they seem to post exactly the thing I didn’t even know I needed, right when I need it. Then that leads me down the worm hole to the rest of the content again… there is so much here.. all good… Sure, you can sit in your little cave, blissfully unaware of what you don’t know that you need to know, or just sign up and dive in.

Hayley Marsten Recording and Touring Artist

Music Industry Inside Out has been an invaluable tool for me during the release of my first EP. Planning the release details was a lot easier after watching the various courses on understanding copyright, artist management, DIY music releases and promoting and producing your events, which really educated me on how to successfully plan and put on my EP launch show. Other than just helping with issues I was currently dealing with in my career, MIIO helped me to understand things I didn’t even consider researching on my own. And has consequently allowed me to be more concious and focused of issues that may effect my career in the future . I would encourage any independent musician or emerging music industry professional to join this community if you are serious and committed to making smart, educated decisions in your career. Honestly, it’s better than sliced bread, and I reallllly like bread.

Alex Lynn (Alex The Astronaut) Musician

I signed up to music industry inside out because I was starting out as a young artist and I really needed some help understanding how everything worked. It covers all aspects from managers to booking shows and it’s been so amazing to have successful industry members share their knowledge through such an easy to work platform. I’ve watched all the videos I can and I can safely say I wouldn’t be in the great position I am as an artist if I hadn’t had such an awesome and easy music business and artist education system there to help me along!

Kurt Boldy, Artist Manager

Music Industry Inside Out is invaluable compared to the amount paid. Having all the rubbish cut from the industry and just hearing from the big dogs makes me feel more confident and allows results to come 10 times faster.

Krishan Bassist / Recording & Live Sound Engineer / Music Journalist

Music Industry Inside Out is a great resource, especially for young folks like myself who want to get a handle on the industry. It’s not often you find a heap of useful information in one easy to access place and MIIO provides just that. Prepare to spend more time than you anticipate soaking in the knowledge and repeatedly having lightbulb moments.

Lucy Korts Musician

My favourite thing about the content is the variety. The website tackles such a vast number of topics with great insight and detail into each issue.

I personally love the one on one interview footage with industry professionals. I love hearing key advice that on-the-job people have to offer. I also admire the fantastic support network - no question is ever left unanswered and there's always someone else to turn to for guidance.

I would say that this is a great initiative to be a part of to gain advice, support, information, education and community.

M.O.S.S Musician

MIIO provides useful Info for those desirable to take their music career to the next level. It proves that success in music is not a mistake, giving all round information on rights paths to follow. Kudos.

Kasey Thompson Musician/Songwriter

Martine Cotton has exceeded in setting up a how to for everything related to being an independent musician in this day and age. Every course is taught by a working professional, giving you a step by step guide on anything you need to know about building a successful career in music. I have found all of the information in the courses relevant and this website is my go-to with anything I'm struggling with when managing my band. A highly useful resource and I have never come across anything close to how comprehensive the courses on this website are.

I have always found the Savvy Seven series a helpful resource as it is by touring musicians for touring musicians.

If you want to know how to turn your hobby of playing music into a full time job, this website gives you all the tools to do just that.

Jason Baillie Songwriter and Music Teacher

MIIO is a great resource for any artist pursuing the music industry, I recommend it to anyone starting out or has past experience.

I loved the article on Endorsements. The conversation about Endorsements came up at band practice so I asked MIIO if they had any information on it. I feel like I asked and they answered with discerning information. The article on Endorsements answered all my questions and more...

Jim Brodie Songwriter

Being a new songwriter about to venture into the studio for the first time I had absolutely no idea how the industry worked. Watching the tutorials really helped me on a lot of topics. Being video was great as well because it simplified what was otherwise pages and pages of reading. Then when I had questions specific to myself the team at Music Industry Inside Out were very approachable and gave me very good advice.

The one on one advice was great because it was specific to my needs and so easy to discuss.

You can trust these guys, they have your best interests at heart.

Annette Hughes DATSON+HUGHES - Artist - Stickylabel (Independent Record Label)

I am an independent songwriter and musician and in partnership with my artistic collaborator, Geoffrey Datson, we run Stickylabel – our artist label, and The Greenroom recording studio up on the Sunshine Coast. We are self managed artists and for the past three years we have been working on a large project for our duo Datson+Hughes – a studio recording of our best work. If we were visual artists, it would be a major retrospective. We have invested a frackload of cash in the project, engaging an awardwinning record producer. Music Inside Out has been incredibly helpful. I scoured the site for information, mined it for contacts, and more than anything, it gave me the reassurance that I am on the track with timing, production, marketing and promotion. It is a fantastic resource.

Gabby Music Promotions

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out about Music Industry Inside Out. It was the perfect timing for me as I am just getting started on launching my own music promotion company. The short courses and videos are a great resource and we’re so lucky to have all of this at our fingertips. To be able to access artists and experienced industry people is invaluable and is really helping me on my way to making music part of my everyday life.


Damien Johnson musician

Music Industry Inside Out has provided exceptional content and has played a vital role in strengthening the community fabric amongst music industry personnel in South East Queensland. Whether you have been in the business for decades, years or starting out, the content and community provided by MIIO will ensure you are never stabbing around in the dark in terms of making a career in music.

I have mostly enjoyed the interaction between all involved with MIIO, and have never felt unwelcomed in asking questions or seeking advice.

Music Industry Inside Out offers far more than just great content, it offers a sense of belonging to a wide a diverse groups of musically minded people who want to see local music thrive in this country.

I would like to see more communal gatherings as a result of MIIO

Seamus Kirkpatrick Musician, Music Teacher

There are a lot of courses that you can do and books that you can read to assist your music career. Few of them though, are written by people actually involved directly and regularly in the Australian music industry (and a lot of them cost a lot of money). This site has SO much information that is directly relevant, current and practical and considering what you’re getting it’s very very affordable. I’m a business owner and a mentor as well as a writer and performer and I recommend this site constantly to my clients and can’t recommend it enough – as musicians and teachers we’re incredibly fortunate to have a resource like this at our fingertips!

Kieron Williams Musician/ Producer

Music Industry Inside Out is and has been indispensable for musicians, producers and all music industry roles alike. Martine has done an excellent job at putting together a site for all to learn not only their niche subjects but also a wide variety of material so learn all aspects of the industry

The MIIO music workshop series I attended really helped me to understand more of what goes on behind the scenes and having peers and industry professionals speak and answer any questions we have was invaluable information

All you could need and more to excel in your profession is here, so get learning!

Leanne De Souza Executive Director at Association of Artist Managers - AAM Australia

I was invited to share some of my reflections, thoughts, and advice on artist management not too long ago with Music Industry Inside Out. As I reached the decision to take extended leave from artist management, I watched my video contributions and thought, “Hey, there is some really great advice there!” I would encourage anyone taking the baton and entering the music business to subscribe and learn from not only me, but so many generous, clever and insightful people.

Ayden Roberts Singer/songwriter, Engineer, DIY Musician

I attended a bunch of brilliant weekly MIIO workshops covering a huge range of topics to do with the music industry. I then proceeded to join the website and have been slowly engaging with the mountains of super useful content that is basically the golden key to living in the music industry. I really enjoyed the honesty of the presenters and those interviewed on the site, telling their experiences of life in the music industry in a really accessible way & how that helps to create a general sense of community and camaraderie.

Get onboard this brilliant and generous insight into the inner workings of the music industry. You don't know what you are missing out on!

I would just like to attend more things ! and have more time to check out more of your brilliant content!

Tim Price Artist Manager, Heavy Music Publicist

Martine and her team have created something incredible. The content is fresh, relevant and helpful – and the level of people contributing their time and expertise is off the charts. I would recommend anyone wanting to connect with the industry and doesn’t know just how to approach it sit down and binge-watch this in the same way you would seasons of The Walking Dead or your favourite show.

Elizabeth Ansley Publicist/Band manager/Music journalist/Copywriter

MIIO is incredibly easy and intuitive to navigate, and hosts a veritable treasure trove of insight and knowledge that is practical and useful for emerging creatives. I've been able to expand my horizons and up-skill myself via the easily digestible bite sized video units, which is vital when you freelance like I do.

Curated resources on the site are a GODSEND. The private FB group really cultivates a sense of community.

MIIO is perfect for answering all your questions about the inner workings of the music industry, and it's one of a kind - completely invaluable to both aspiring musicians and those who want to work behind the scenes. There's no way I'd be where I am now without it.

Keep doing what you're doing! xx

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