Music Syncronisation

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If you are a productive music industry member, it's likely that you have the hang of talking to venues, promoting music, managing finances and have some killer songs. Have you ever thought about music synchronisation though? When done successfully, it can be one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools.
Module 1 What is Music Synchronisation?
Find out what music synchronisation is and why it's an important aspect of the music industry.
Unit 1 Jemma Burns - How Does Sync Licensing Work [7:48]  
Unit 2 Karen Hamilton - What Is Music Sync [00:43]  
Unit 3 KLP - What is Synch? [0:37]  
Unit 4 Stu McCullough - What Is Sync [00:36]  
Unit 5 Tyler McLoughlan - What is Music Synchronisation? [1:36]  
Module 2 When is an Artist Ready to Start Seeking a Sync Opportunity?
What should you have under your belt before you start approaching sync companies? Hear the best strategies from leading industry figures.
Unit 1 Karen Hamilton - When Can An Artist Look For Sync Deals [00:47]  
Unit 2 KLP - When Are You Ready to Synch? [1:17]  
Unit 3 Tyler McLoughlan - When Can an Artist Start Seeking Synch Opportunities? [2:03]  
Module 3 What can a Sync Company do for an Artist?
What do sync companies do exactly and how can they help you?
Unit 1 Karen Hamilton - Sync Benefits Other Than Financial [00:49]  
Unit 2 Stu McCullough - What Can A Sync Agent Do For You [03:25]  
Unit 3 Tyler McLoughlan - What is a Sync (Music Licensing) Agent and What Can They do for You? [1:29]  
Module 4 Different Types of Sync Deals
Hear explanations of the different types of sync deals that exist and their pro's and con's.
Unit 1 Jemma Burns - The Different Types Of Media Licensing [5:20]  
Unit 2 Jemma Burns - Understanding Publicity And License Deals [05:42]  
Module 5 What Should You Look for When Seeking a Sync Deal?
Are there particular things to avoid when entering into a sync deal? Find out what leading industry figures have to say.
Unit 1 Jemma Burns - Preparations Before Approaching A Sync Agent [06:30]  
Unit 2 Karen Hamilton - What To Consider In Sync Deals [01:44]  
Module 6 Tips and Tools for Seeking Sync Opportunities
Find out extra tips and resources that are available to help you understand sync agreements.
Unit 1 Jemma Burns - How To Be Noticed By Publishers And Sync Agents [5:06]  
Unit 2 Stu McCullough - How To Find Sync Deals [00:54]  
Unit 3 Tyler McLoughlan - Tips and Tools for Synchronisation [4:05]  
Module 7 Charging For Sync
How to charge for sync
Unit 1 Stu McCullough - How Do You Charge For Sync? [01:37]  
Module 8 Writing For Sync Vs Other Artists
How to write for sync and other artists.
Unit 1 Stu McCollough - Can You Write For Specifically Sync [00:54]  
Unit 2 Stu McCullough - How To Write For Other Performers [02:03]  

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