Music Publishing

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What is music publishing? What can a music publisher do for your career and bank balance? How does music publishing even work? Go fetch a cuppa, grab a pen and some paper, get comfy and head on in to this video course content that will help you understand the fundamentals of how to make money from your songwriting and music recordings.
Module 1What is Music Publishing?
Learn what music publishing is and why it's important.
Unit 1Karen Hamilton - What Is Music Publishing, Why Do We Need It [02:04]
Unit 2Karen Hamilton - What Is Exploitation Of Rights [00:31]
Unit 3KLP - Publishing [4:59]
Unit 4Sabrina Robertson - What Is Music Publishing [01:13]
Unit 5Sabrina Robertson - What Can A Publishing Company Do For An Artist [02:13]
Unit 6Sabrina Robertson - How Does A Publisher Protect The Rights Of An Artist [01:20]
Unit 7Sabrina Robertson - Who Are APRA AMCOS And PPCA [01:03]
Module 2What is the Difference Between a Publishing Company and a Record Label?
Is there any difference? Hear the answers from leading industry figures.
Unit 1Karen Hamilton - Difference Between Publishers At Sync And Record Labels [01:13]
Unit 2KLP - Difference Between Publishing and Record Company [1:16]
Unit 3Sabrina Robertson - Publishing Company Vs Sync Agency Vs Record Label [01:06]
Module 3When is an Artist Ready to Start Seeking a Publishing Agreement?
What should you have under your belt before you start approaching publishing companies? Hear the best strategies from leading industry figures.
Unit 1Jess Carroll - When Is A Band Ready For A Publicist [01:12]
Module 4What Can a Publishing Company Do For an Artist?
What do publishing companies do exactly and how can they help you?
Unit 1Karen Hamilton - What Can A Publisher Do For An Artist [01:28]
Unit 2KLP - What Does a Publisher Do [1:44]
Module 5Different Types of Publishing Deals
Hear explanations of the different types of publishing deals that exist and their pro's and con's.
Unit 1Sabrina Robertson - Different Types Of Publishing Deals [01:36]
Unit 2Karen Hamilton - How Is 120 publishing Different From Other Publishers [01:49]
Module 6What Should You Look For When Seeking a Publishing Deal?
Are there particular things to avoid when entering into a publishing deal? Find out what leading industry figures have to say.
Unit 1KLP - What to Look for in a Publisher [1:30]
Module 7Careers in Music Publishing
How to get started in music publishing.
Unit 1Karen Hamilton - Typical Week In The Life Of [01:36]
Unit 2Karen Hamilton - How To Start A Career In Publishing [01:15]
Unit 3Sabrina Robertson - A Week In The Life Of A Music Publisher [03:16]
Unit 4Sabrina Robertson - Becoming A Publisher [02:12]
Module 8Royalties
What you need to know about earning royalties.
Unit 1Jemma Burns - Sync Payments And Royalties [03:09]
Unit 2Karen Hamilton - When Can An Artist Expect To Earn Royalties [01:53]
Unit 3Karen Hamilton - Do I Receive Royalties If A Band Covers My Music Live Or Otherwise [00:45]
Unit 4Sabrina Robertson - How Much Money Can An Artist Expect To Make In Royalties Per Use Of Their Song [00:49]
Unit 5Sabrina Robertson - Songwriter vs Composer Royalties [01:02]
Unit 6Sabrina Robertson - Do I Receive Royalties If Someone Covers My Song [01:07]
Unit 7Sabrina Roberston - When Can An Artist Expect To Start Making Money From Royalties [01:09]
Module 9Self Publishing
Can an artist self publish? What is involved?
Unit 1Jemma Burns - Self Publishing [02:43]
Unit 2Karen Hamilton - Is It Possible To Self Publish [01:23]
Unit 3Sabrina Robertson - Can Artists Self Publish And What Is Involved [00:58]
Module 10Song Writing Careers
How to start a career in song writing.
Unit 1Jemma Burns - How To Begin A Career As A Songwriter [03:54]
Unit 2Jemma Burns - Importance Of Understanding A Brief [03:50]
Unit 3Karen Hamilton - How To Start A Career As A Song Writer For Others [01:31]
Unit 4Karen Hamilton - Authorship Composers and Producers What's The Difference [00:38]
Unit 5Sabrina Robertson - Becoming A Professional Songwriter [00:27]
Module 11Tips and Tools for Publishing Agreements
Find out extra tips and resources that are available to help you understand publishing agreements.
Unit 1Jemma Burns - How To Maximise Returns From Your Work [03:33]
Unit 2Jess Carroll - How To Approach Working With A Publisher [01:40]
Unit 3Karen Hamilton - What Are The Advantages Of Signing A Publishing Deal, Should Artists Be Cautious [02:35]
Unit 4Karen Hamilton - What Can An Artist Do To Get Noticed By A Publisher [02:01]
Unit 5KLP - Writing For Another Artist [0:48]
Unit 6Sabrina Robertson - Benefits Of Allowing APRA To License On Your Behalf [00:41]
Unit 7Sabrina Robertson - How Can You Maximise Your Chances Of Earning Royalties [01:42]
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