Music Organisations and Events You Should Know About

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The music industry can sometimes be tricky to navigate on your own. Professional development and community connections can prove invaluable to artists.

There are some incredibly helpful organisations that exist purely to support artists and their teams.
Our mentors below let you know who these groups are, and what they can do to help you.
Also be sure to visit our comprehensive list of Music Organisations to get you started.

Now don't forget to dive into the wonderful course modules and interviews below, enjoy!
Module 1 General Overview
Our speakers fill us in on who they think we should all know about and be connected to.
Unit 1 Alex Zaccaria - The Hub Space [2:46]  
Unit 2 Chris Cobcroft - Helpful Tools and Organisations [1:33]  
Unit 3 Chris O'Neill - Music Organisations You Should Know About [2:46]  
Unit 4 Damian Costin - Helpful Organisations [1:24]  
Unit 5 Ditto - Music Organisations You Should Know About [1:47]  
Unit 6 Dominic Miller - Organisations You Should Know About [2:28]  
Unit 7 Emily Collins - What is Music NSW [04:44]  
Unit 8 Emily Collins - What Do Music NSW Do Industry Wise [02:32]  
Unit 9 Harmony James - Music Organisations You Should Know About [1:00]  
Unit 10 Hugh Nichols - Helpful Organisations Government [5:44]  
Unit 11 Hugh Nichols - How to Engage with the Government [3:32]  
Unit 12 Michelle Padovan And Steve Bell - Important Organisations [01:15]  
Unit 13 Nicholas Jones - Tone Deaf Place in Industry [2:08]  
Unit 14 Stephen Green - Music Organisations You Should Know About [2:14]  
Unit 15 Troy Barrott - Key Organisations [2:59]  
Module 2 APRA | AMCOS
All about APRA | AMCOS: What they do and why every songwriter needs to sign up.
Unit 1 Chris O'Neill - Why Should a Songwriter be a Member? [1:07]  
Unit 2 Chris O'Neill - How Does APRA AMCOS Work? [1:10]  
Unit 3 Chris O'Neill - How Do You Join APRA AMCOS? [0:37]  
Unit 4 Chris O'Neill - Song Royalty Splits [2:00]  
Unit 5 Chris O'Neill - Live Performance Returns [3:30]  
Unit 6 Chris O'Neill - Digital Streaming [1:55]  
Unit 7 Chris O'Neill - APRA AMCOS Grants [2:06]  
Unit 8 Chris O'Neill - Difference Between APRA AMCOS and PPCA [1:54]  
Unit 9 Chris O'Neill - APRA AMCOS Events [2:07]  
Module 3 The AMIN Network
Everything you need to know about AMIN (the Australian Music Industry Network): Music NT, QMusic, WAM, Music NSW, MusicSA, VicMusic, Music Tasmania, MusicACT, and why you should be in contact with your local state org.
Unit 1 Dave Caffery - Music ACT [3:26]  
Unit 2 Dr David Carter - The Role of Music Tasmania [3:46]  
Unit 3 Mark Smith - What Does Music NT Do? [7:46]  
Unit 4 Patrick Donovan - The Role of Music Victoria [6:11]  
Module 4 Sounds Australia: your go-to support org when looking to export your music (please also visit the Exporting your Music Course)
SOUNDS AUSTRALIA is funded by a whole of government, whole of industry strategy made up of Federal and State Government agencies, peak industry bodies and commercial operators, all working together to enhance the profile of Australian artists and industry when showcasing and participating at INTERNATIONAL MARKET EVENTS.
Unit 1 Glenn Dickie - Sounds Australia Music Organisation [3:52]  
Module 5 The SEED Fund
Everything you need to know about The Seed Fund!
Unit 1 Stacia Goninon - How The Seed Got Started [1:22]  
Unit 2 Stacia Goninon - How To Apply [0:47]  
Unit 3 Stacia Goninon - The Seed & Donations [0:24]  
Unit 4 Stacia Goninon - Current Activities [2:11]  
Produced by QMusic, BIGSOUND is positioned as Australia's most internationally focused conference. BIGSOUND draws top national and international industry talent to Brisbane each year, forming a vibrant collection of musicians, buyers and industry experts to create an environment of new music discovery.
Unit 1 Joel Edmondson - QMusic Bigsound QMas [06:25]  
Unit 2 Nick O'Byrne - What is BIGSOUND? [0:38]  
Unit 3 Nick O'Byrne - How to Play at BIGSOUND [1:31]  
Module 7 The Push + Freeza + Face The Music (Victoria)
The Push is a Victorian non-profit youth music organisation which runs a range of programs and projects such as FReeZA training, mentoring and awards programs, the annual Push Over Festival, hip hop programs such as Push It!, annual music industry conference Face The Music Conference, hip hop event Our Backyard, Push Songs songwriting workshops and FReeZA Push Start state-wide band competition.
Unit 1 Peter Chellew - What is The Push? [2:14]  
Unit 2 Mel Dine - Freeza / The Push Results [1:24]  
Unit 3 Mel Dine - What Is Face The Music [2:40]  
Module 8 Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap)
Amrap is funded by the Commonwealth Government to distribute new Australian music to community radio and to empower broadcasters to promote Australian artists on air and online. Our mentor Chris created ‘Amrap’s AirIt’ and ‘Amrap Pages’ to meet the challenge and since 2010 over 3,000 broadcasters from 300 stations have used Amrap to order over 260,000 Australian tracks for airplay and to promote Australian artists through web, mobile and social media!
Unit 1 Chris Johnson (Amrap) - What is Amrap? [2:50]  
Unit 2 Chris Johnson (Amrap) - How Bands Can Connect With Amrap [1:23]  
Module 9 CAAMA Music (Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association)
CAAMA Music is part of the CAAMA Group (Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association), Australia’s leading Aboriginal owned and controlled media organisation, delivering culturally relevant content helping to preserve and maintain Indigenous culture. Based in Alice Springs we have been owned and operated by Indigenous Australians since 1980 while recording, supporting and promoting Indigenous Australian music. CAAMA Music is committed to working with Indigenous Australians at a community level, training, developing and nurturing the talents and skills of artists and music industry workers through recording, performance, distribution and publishing. Offering state of the art recording facilities CAAMA Music provides production and post-production, AV and event services along with equipment hire and full record label services. We also distribute a wide range of locally produced Aboriginal music, as well as indigenous artists from around Australia. To contact us about wholesale music purchases click here. Our enterprises significantly contribute to the ability of Indigenous Australians to generate and control their own creative and economic activity.
Unit 1 Nicola Pitt - What Is CAAMA Music? [02:32]  
Module 10 4ZZZ Radio (Brisbane)
4ZZZ was established to provide a radical alternative to mainstream news, to promote a sense of engagement and activism in community life and to promote local and Australian music. 4ZZZ continues to support and advocate for musicians, artists and underground culture, providing radio access for community members and issues not often represented in the mainstream media. The radio station is supporter driven and run by a dedicated team of volunteers and announcers who chose their own music to broadcast (no play lists), which makes for diverse and interesting programming.
Unit 1 Chris Cobcroft - What is Community Radio? [2:17]  
Unit 2 Chris Cobcroft - Getting Involved in Community Radio [2:30]  
Unit 3 Chris Cobcroft - Promotion Through Community Radio [1:00]  
Unit 4 Chris Cobcroft - Getting Airplay on Community Radio [2:24]  
Unit 5 Chris Cobcroft - Creating a Career in Radio [1:09]  
Unit 6 Chris Cobcroft - Benefits of Subscribing to 4ZZZ [4:26]  
Module 11 Essential Music Business Books And Courses
We explore some of the amazing Australian resources available.
Unit 1 Andrew Watt - Music Industry Online Courses [01:53]  
Unit 2 Andrew Watt - Welcome To The Jungle [01:00]  
Module 12 AIR (Australian Independent Record Labels Association)
Australian Independent Record Labels Association: AIR is a non profit, non government association dedicated to supporting the growth and development of Australia's independent recording sector. Established in 1996, AIR represents Australian owned record labels and independent artists based in Australia. AIR's primary purpose is to foster an increasing marketplace for Australian independent music and assist in the long-term development, growth and success of Australia's independent recording industry. AIR is a trade body that negotiates with industry and government to facilitate deals for the benefit of the industry. Through their services we help companies of all shapes and sizes with the tools and information they need to do business.
Unit 1 Maria Amato - What Is AIR? (Australian Independent Record Labels Association) [3:24]  
Unit 2 Maria Amato - Opportunities Facilitated By AIR (Australian Independent Record Labels Association) [0:58]  

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