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SubmitHub makes it easy to contact music bloggers, Spotify playlisters, record labels and more

  • We give you all sorts of statistics and ways to filter who to send your music to
  • Editors at Spotify and Apple Music follow our bloggers and playlisters to discover the best new songs
  • The feedback you receive on your sons can be helpful
  • A blog post can help gain new followers and also gives you something to add to your press kit


Music Business Education

Australian based online music industry course with current knowledge of the music industry, by Andrew Watt, author of “A Long Way To The Top”.

Her Sound, Her Story Study Guide

Her Sound, Her Story documentary is NOW AVAILABLE to stream online with a comprehensive Educational resource.

Music Business Facts

A music business blog and podcast that interviews successful music business professionals who share their histories, strategies and tips for success.

AMPAL - Music Rights Explainer

A fantastic guide to copyright and all the different uses of music copyright.

I Manage My Music

I Manage My Music is a day-long workshop specifically tailored to the needs of the self-managed artist. The focus is to give participants the tools and confidence to take the next steps in their careers. This business was founded by Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Jen Cloher.

Jazz Australia

Jazz Australia is Australia’s oldest and largest national website, dedicated to providing news, reviews and information on jazz and improvised music across Australia and beyond.

Live Music Office

The Live Music Office works to increase opportunities for live music in Australia by identifying and advocating for better policy, regulation and strategy.

Monica Strut

Playing in bands since her early teens, Monica has seen many of her peers come and go, all trying to chase a career in music. Seeing repeated failures from musicians trying to get attention and exposure, Monica decided to put her years as a musician and professional marketer in the music industry to further use, launching her own self branded marketing and consulting business in 2018.

Now through her blogpodcastFacebook Grouponline courses and consulting services, Monica provides tools and support to thousands of musicians to help them succeed in today’s modern music business.

The Push

The Push is a Victorian non-profit youth music organisation which was established in 1986. There are a lot of great events, opportunities and resources available on their website.

The Push runs a range of programs and projects such as FReeZA training, mentoring and awards programs, the annual Push Over Festival, hip-hop programs such as Push It!, annual music industry conference Face The Music Conference, hip-hop event Our BackyardPush Songs songwriting workshops and FReeZA Push Start state-wide band competition.

Telstra Road to Discovery

This site contains some little tutorial gems. Worth a quick visit. is designed to be a “go to” resource for music, entertainment and art managers, educators and students.  Originally designed to support educators using the Music Business Educational Supplements the site has since expanded to include a variety of new features including new textbooks, a regular industry news source and in-depth research papers produced by the site principals, Mark Beard and Ben O’Hara.

An integrated music media network.

Music Industry Data

Music ID is a growing repository of historical and current data from Billboard, GfK Entertainment, and many more reporting agencies from over 30 countries around the world. Sales data drives the rankings. Rankings tell the story of the impact of music on society and cultures.

Music Talks.XYZ

Music Talks is based in Sydney and began to feature Australian and New Zealand artists initially. Featured artists write their own story directly to the site to enable people and fans to relate to them on a more personal level, therefore creating a better understanding of the person behind the music. We also showcase the artists’ music, websites, social media and digital links to enable fans to continue to follow their journey. Along with free marketing and promotion on social media, which we are extremely active. ie. 280 posts on average per week. Also have recently been voted by Feedspot as being in the top music sites in the world.

Apart from this feature there is so much more including fortnightly music tips, weekly new independent music releases, video of the week, music courses, music reviews, and most recent is a social media promotional course for musicians, bands, managers and labels which consists of 14 step by step videos, PDF download to useful links and secret Facebook group for continued support with their promotion and marketing efforts, which is for purchase.


Smart Artist Management

Great, helpful artist management training website, much like MIIO, created and managed by Jamie New Johnson.


Creative and Cultural Skills

Growing Your Music Career

Working as a Music Agent

Working as a Music Promoter

Iggy Pop's John Peel Lecture Transcript on BBC

Iggy gave a fantastic lecture about the music industry. You should all read the transcript. Here’s an excerpt: “It’s good to remember that this is a dream job, whether you’re performing or working in broadcasting, or writing or the biz. So dream. Dream. Be generous, don’t be stingy. Please. I can’t help but note that it always seems to be the pursuit of the money that coincides with the great art, but not its arrival. It’s just kind of a death agent. It kills everything that fails to reflect its own image, so your home turns into money, your friends turn into money, and your music turns into money. No fun, binary code – zero one, zero one – no risk, no nothing. What you gotta do you gotta do, life’s a hurly-burly, so I would say try hard to diversify your skills and interests. Stay away from drugs and talent judges. Get organized. Big or little, that helps a lot.”

Write Rock and Rod

A fantastic blog from industry stalwart Rod Harrod, focusing on songwriting.

Spotify Playlist Directory | Full Music Blog Directory | Hype Machine Blog Directory

Brilliant database service from Leave The Label, British Music Marketing service


Artist Management Resource

David Kusek's Online Music Business Courses - New Artist Model

Music Industry Blog

The blog of Mark Mulligan, where you will find opinion and insight on the music industry’s often painful journey towards creating a new business around music. Mark’s been analyzing the digital music market for over a decade, right from the days when there wasn’t much of one to talk of, and when DRM was ‘Rights Management’ not ‘Rights Protection’.


Brilliant music industry economics blog by David Touve.

Next Big Sound

This fantastic resource believes that data has the power to transform the music industry as it has transformed the fields of finance, weather, and sports before. By tracking every fan interaction across every artist in the world—from social to sales, from purchases to plays—the insights Next Big Sound generate can reshape the way artists are discovered, marketed, and improve the speed with which they can build lasting and prosperous careers.

Ari's Take

A DIY music business advice blog by musician Ari Herstand, based on his own experiences managing his music career.

Cyber PR

Cyber PR is a New York based digital firm that connects artists to blogs, podcasts, Internet radio stations and social media sites.

Digital Music News

Information resource for music industry professionals worldwide.


Grassrootsy offers very simple, practical, step-by-step explanations and tips on what you can do to really make a dent in your world. Believe it, they really spell things out. They’re not going for the big picture here. They’re going for the small details – the things that seem insignificant in and of themselves, but really pay off in the long run.

Indie on the Move

IOTM is a tremendous resource for self-booking bands and I highly recommend it. It’s currently only available in the US.

How to License Your Music

Aaron Davison is a Chicago based music marketing and licensing guy. His website is a fantastic one stop shop for all things pertaining to licensing your music.

A comprehensive list of global resources available to musicians and their teams.

College Matchup

Music Industry Jobs for your personality type.

Musika Lessons

Find a Music Teach across the USA. 

Feed Music

Feed music is an intelligent property rights and payment platform. 

How To Self-Release

Everything you need to start your own record label and self-release your own music

100 Music Blogs to Submit Your Music To

A cool collections of blogs to submit music to, with a great guide on how to do it.

Music business training and tutorials from industry professionals.

Targeted towards music artists, producers, songwriters and musicians, this site contains online courses about how to navigate and gain the most from the industry.

Heroic Academy

This site is an accumulation of books, blogs and podcasts in a nifty list to aid in gaining the most useful knowledge out of the music industry educations sources. With the slogan, 'we empower creators,' you can be sure to find all sorts of interesting and valuable information.

Renman Music & Business

With almost 40 years experience in the music business, Renman has created this website to share his knowledge. Hosting segments such as Renman Live, which hosts a multitude of majorly successful industry professionals in interview panels, the website provides the inside scope on how to be successful and their journey in the music industry.


A website that incorporates the community, a team of creatives, and artists to come together and explain the ins-and-outs of over 25 million songs and annotations to a worldwide audience. The website also provides in-depth features, content knowledge and music industry news.


Musicness (Portuguese)

Musicness: First School of Music Business in Brazil. Music Business | Music Issue | Trading & Communications | Marketing & Promotion. The Musicness offers courses designed to equip students with the management skills necessary to take on the challenges of working in the music industry by offering solid business skills and a detailed understanding of the production, management, editing, promotion and sale of cultural products involving music general.

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