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Music Feeds

Australian based music website bringing you the latest in Australian and international news, reviews and interviews.

The Music

Published by Street Press is Australia’a music, lifestyle, culture, film and TV destination.

The Music Network

An Australian music industry weekly source of radio airplay charts and statistics, music sales data, both physical and digital, tour and live event information, industry and global news and feature articles impacting the music industry at large.

Music SA

Music SA has all the info on upcoming events, opportunities and news for Southern Australian musicians.

Music NSW

Music NSW looks after news, events and opportunies for Musicians living in New South Wales, their newsletters feature a monthly wrap up of all this important.

Music NT

Music NT covers all things music from the Northern Territory including upcoming workshops, opportunities and networking events.

Music Victoria

Music Victoria’s newsletter gives the low down on important news, events and opportunities available to musicians in Victoria.


Broadcast is the QMusic fortnightly e-newsletter that contains information on upcoming QMusic workshops and events as well as music related news and opportunities.

Music Tasmania

This newsletter has all the information for Tassie musos on annual showcases, new educational resources online, rehearsal space info and opportunities in the area.

WAM (West Australia Music)

WAM is the go to for Musicians in Western Australian for info on new resources, upcoming events and exciting opportunities.

Country Music Australia

Country Music Australia offers a free newsletter with updates on current artist tours, country music festival updates and information as well as upcoming shows and opportunities.

I Manage My Music

I Manage My Music is a series of music industry workshops that feature quality industry professionals with loads of great knowledge and experience. The workshops cover building an audience and raising revenue, recording and touring to a budget and self-managing your music career. The newsletter lets you know when the next workshop will be on, who will be speaking and how to book.


APRA’s newsletter APRAP provides monthly newsletters to it’s members, with a full wrap up of music news, opportunities and events around Australia.

Bob Lefsetz's op-ed site

Bob is a writer based in LA. He writes about not just the music industry, but the changing models and our changing society. Always thought-provoking and eye-opening, and occasionally very un-politically-correct.

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