All You Need To Know About The Music Business (9th Edition)(2015)

Donald Passman

The New Music Industries: Disruption and Discovery (2016)

Diane Hughes, Mark Evans, Guy Morrow, Sarah Keith

Beyond Talent Creating: A Successful Career in Music (2nd Edition) 2010

Angela Beeching

Music Business (4th Edition) (2012)

Shane Simpson and Jules Munro

Business Basics for Musicians: The Complete Handbook from Start to Success (2015)

Bobby Borg

How To Get a Job in The Music Industry (3rd Edition)(2014)

Keith Hatschek & Breanne Beseda

The Music Producer's Survival Guide: Chaos, Creativity, and Career in Independent and Electronic Music (2013)

Brian Jackson

Welcome to the Jungle - Navigating the Music Business in Australia (2014)

Andrew Watt

Awakening: The Music Industry in the Digital Age (2015)

Mark Mulligan

Funemployed (2014)

Justin Heazlewood

Blow Your Own Trumpet: A Musicians Guide to Publicity & Airplay (2012)

Stacey Piggott

Blow Your Own Trumpet: A Musicians Guide to Publicity & Airplay (2012)

Stacey Piggott

Answers for Artists: a Guide to Basic Legal Issues for Artists (ebook)(2012)

Free via Arts Law Centre of Australia

Business Structures and Governance: A Practical Guide for the Arts

Arts Law Centre of Australia, Naomi Messenger, non profit revisions by Seth Richardson.

The Arts Insurance Handbook (2nd Edition)

Arts Law Centre of Australia, Catherine Fargher and Seth Richardson

X Festival: Do It Yourself Gigs

Developed by Indent, A project of Music NSW, written by Aden Rolfe. Bookstore

A collection of great books on various music industry themes, including management, music accounting, copyright and much more.

How Music Got Free (2015)

Stephen Witt

How Music Works (2013)

David Byrne

Music Business Handbook and Career Guide (11th Edition)

David & Tim Baskerville

So, You Have A Band (2017)

Tim Wenger (USA)

How To Make It in the New Music Business

Practical tips for building a loyal following and making a living as a musician.

Social Media Shredder

Monica Strut

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